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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blogs to Explore - Blue Moon Fiber - and Shopping!

I've been mildly lamenting my lack of Sock Summit 2009 participation.
So - I did the next best thing - Shopping!

E'yup, I went to visit Blue Moon Fiber and I done ordered me some SockGate Socks that Rock Sock Yarn. Not only is it entirely spiffy-looking, it's from Blue Moon Fiber (my first BMF order ever), and it represents the colors in the Sock Summit logo. I like. A LOT.
Well, yes, I did consider my vow not to buy more sock yarn until I actually knit some socks from my semi-frightening sock yarn stash. However, I did finish my 2nd pair of socks and have started on my third. Hence, I've earned another skein of Sock Yarn. Logical, yes?
("Not thinking about the scary stash, not thinking about the sock yarn stash...".)

Moving on...whilst I was there, I explored another blog that has been languishing in the Blogs to Explore folder. The Blue Moon Fiber Arts Blog. This again supports my Sock Summit yen, because it also appears to be the blog associated with the Sock Summit.
Sock Museum update...obviously being on my whopping 3rd pair of socks, I didn't even consider trying to knit a pair of socks for the Sock Museum, but I'm definitely looking forward to the results! (There's a Sock Book in the Sock Museum concept....hmmmm.)

This is pretty cool - Tina did a blog about the first time she dyed fiber - roving. I like her description - relates to how I was tickled with the shades and names of her colorways. If I can't quite see the color spreading in the roving as she describes it, I do get a feel for her delight at the results...well, joy maybe. Nifty.
Yeah, I'm kind of pre-smitten, fresh from the exploration of the Blue Moon Fiber store. But this tickles me. Ohhhh- there's a comment in the blog about a shift in colorways....if this means what I think, there's more yarn - in more colors - and there will be more yarn - in other colors - in different seasons. Dangerous... lovely....but giving me a happy yarn heart moment!

Crim-mo-ny - the day of the hate mail from the Sock Summit Server crash. I read the Yarn Harlot's blog on this too. Why are people so mean, self-oriented, and cruel? Stupid probably applies here too. Ok, that's not helping.
Grrrr - let us just hope they feel badly about their behavior/cruelty... and that maybe they fates chose them not to go to the Summit for a reason. Let's just leave it that those people obviously need to do more knitting and calm down.
(I'm still pondering the possibility of escaping for the weekend to Oregon - even if I can't attend any classes...crazy but tempting.)

I think I need to get beyond the major Sock Summit planning stages to get to the "real" Blue Moon Blog. Her blog on not being able to do what she loves best is a good reminder of all the work that people put into building the Sock Summit for us.
Hmmmm - I might be a little past where the Sock Summit started taking over her life...the pictures of Cat Bordhi and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee are a hoot! (Yes, my knit-geekiness is showing again...) Ohhhh - Colors!
She got to talk to Anna Zilboorg!! (I have an amazing sock book written by this marvelous person!) And Tina reacted much along the lines of how I did when I got e-mails from the Yarn Harlot/Cat Bordhi. Knit-Geekiness!! Ok, in her case it was more like Fibre-color-geekiness, and on a much grander, personal scale.
7/13/09 - edited to add - you HAVE to go look at the Fair Isle Cat Scarf (And various knitting luminaries)!!
Ok, I'm just gonna add the Blue Moon Fiber Blog to my must-read list...I'm smitten.
(And it's time to get off the PC because the kitten has been bouncing on my keyboard and my screen is wonky...Ack!)

BTW...I also recently revisited Knitting to Stay Sane and my interest was solidified and she's also been added to the Favorite Blog list.
OK - I was following the blog for a while but because I didn't have it noted on my blog-read list, I lost/forgot about it for a while. [sigh]
But it's spiffy and charming and I'm glad I found it again.


  1. Heavens to Betsy, would you believe I'd never even heard of the Sock Museum? What a wonderful wonderful idea! Joining up immediately, even though I can't possibly get to Sock Summit (I think...) Thank you!

  2. Wait a minute. I'm trying to wrap my tender little mind around people, and in this case a LOT of them, sending HATE mail to ladies whose main thing is knitting and yarn. And a sock fest. whiskey tango foxtrot, x 10