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Monday, October 6, 2008

General Blatherings 10/6/08

OK...I was perusing the recent blogs and I've left a lot hanging.
So - here's some blatherings to catch us up. (Caution - I'm dieting, sleep deprived and pretty well stressed out...there could be some whining involved...)

BobCat - I started him on Lactulose a week ago Saturday. (Yes, I even tasted it! It is Not nasty - it tastes sweet, actually.) We're still adding pumpkin to his food too.
I think he's doing better, but he's not quite, um, regular yet. I'm consulting with the Vet to adjust the dosage and figure out what the heck I'm doing. He's been more perky again of late and even playing some!! (pretty good for a 17-year old kitty.)

BobCat was a key player in last night's insomnia . Good thing he's all cute and furry 'cause I'm pretty sure his squeaky-meow is pitched perfectly for maximum annoyance/awake-ability. (And he's not the dumbest kitty on the block. He knows squeaking in corners or in the bathroom really enhances the attention-getting effect at 2:45 AM). Yep, GOOD thing he's cute and furry....

(Yes, I took this picture upside- down.)

BJ's Baby-Blanket- "Take-2".
Yes, I'm doing it right this time. Here's the revelation on the re-knit. If you glance at the first one I did in pieces then joined...and the one I'm almost 3/4 the way through with...you'll probably notice "Take-2" pattern is a bit different than "1st Attempt". Yep. Not only did I do a crummy job carrying up the yarn on BJ's Baby Blanket#1 - I put it together backwards from the expected pattern!! (Oy - I think claiming I really studied the pattern before I started would be easily identifiable as a bogus statement. )

(Worse yet - I think I like the pattern I made on "1st Attempt" better...)

Ah - and I'm officially and truly late on this blanket now...BJ's Baby arrived last Tuesday.
"Take-2" seems to be taking A LOT longer - and I'm getting a teeny bit resentful of it. This last baby blanket is between me and some entirely spiffy wool I just procured. Wool I'm plotting to knit/felt into some lovely little Moebius Bowls!! A little is plotted for weaving too...

(Yummy colors, huh?)

You didn't miss much. No pictures. Some clever comments. Some diffusing humor.
Mostly venting and frustration and some sadness.
On the 10/7 blog, I apologized and noted that I hadn't intended this blog for Work venting.
As I was trying to fall asleep last night...I realized how true I wanted that statement to be.
I actually don't expect the petulant personality at work to improve. They've been that way a very very long time. Nothing I do can change that.
But I can change how far I take my work concerns home.
Boundries are hard for me...I tend to do everything 100%.
Hmmm - not everything. I don't take care of myself 100%.

Hence - edited for Work Rant. Again, you didn't miss much.

Plant pictures...a lot of my yard has moved to generating seeds, but the bougainvillea is blooming nicely:

(Deep cleansing Breath...)

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  1. That's it? That's the work rant? No juicy details? No snarky smoldering? You're too virtuous. You're WAY too conscientious. And see, that's why there's a work rant to begin with. But I didn't really say this.