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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blogs to Explore - Knitting Curmudgeon

Yes, I'm doing the proposed Blog "home-work".
Being of the loony multi-tasking type, I'm also back to working on a blanket I started many moons ago. I'd forgotten I'd actually started it.
AND - it's for a young lady that favors Pink. Sigh.
Confession - for a female of our species, I have an unnatural aversion to pink. I can manage fuchsia, love purple, Red is also good. However the pink generally preferred by most females - "Barbie", Pepto-Bismol pink gives me the willies. Uck. Shudder. Blech.
I suspect this aversion has roots in my tom-boy childhood where it has been told that getting me into a dress (a pink dress, no doubt) was about as much fun receiving a jury duty summons.
I don't recall the dress-wrestling...I do remember hair cuts didn't generally go well for me, but that's a whole 'nother set of stories.
SO - for me to knit stuff in pink for folks means that I have high regard, affection, even love for that person. So if I give you something pink I knitted personally...it means you're SPECIAL!

AND....the Knitting Curmudgeon blog exploration:
Looks like she's been blogging for quite a while and has multiple blogs. I like the "Best Quote I heard all day" openings. She has chutzpa - seriously. Opinionated and comfortable with herself. Cool. Thus far I'm impressed, although I feel a bit like I've just wandered into a really interesting conversation although I'm pretty clueless regarding what the heck everyone is talking about.
I suspect that "Caribou Barbie" might be Mz. Palin. Wicked Clever.
I'm not yet sure what "the Mighty Wolf" is. (Maybe a loom??)
And not sure what "wolvies" are? (buddies? Pack-members?)

The Knitting Curmudgeon doesn't have a problem with telling it as she sees it - including work stuff. (Yep, I'm a little jealous).
Near as I can tell she's a real knitter (leaves me in the dust), designs stuff to knit (oy/wow), and she also spins and weaves.
Oops - I'd push her buttons a bit - she is not fond of ending sentences with prepositions. I am, on occasion, guilty of that particular gaff.

Wow - excellent entry for 9/11. Seems she does this annually and she was just across the river the day it happened in 2001.
And, per her 9/6 blog, I'm not alone in my concerns that our media is now generally unable to perform un-biased reporting.
Please note - the Knitting Curmudgeon is hugely better informed and much more fascinated with politics than I am.
I only read back through August.
"Curmudgeon" works; i.e. Aptly named.
Once I got past my wincing over her profanity, I can't help but be impressed.
And this is someone I'd like to read more of. (Oops) Someone of which I'd like to read more.
(That still doesn't sound right...)

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