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Sunday, September 28, 2008

I think it was a parrot...and I found another blog to watch

I have achieved knitting whilst walking on the treadmill while also listening to an audio tape.
I'm not chewing gum at the same time so I think it'll be OK.

Spent a lot of this evening reading this nifty blog: "Readin' with my Furries".
I saw a comment about it in the Best Friends Magazine. It's about a nifty lady named Jennifer who is also a pretty serious cat person and has the joy and fortitude to work at Best Friends. She has chosen to spend a few hours a week reading and creating lap-time for the kitties in the Incontinental Suite, who generally don't get as many visitors as some of the other Kittyville residents. I plan to check back and keep reading. (Yes a few tears were shed whilst reading through the older blog entries.)

I was pulling in laundry from the line late this afternoon and there was an odd bird up on the phone line. It was kind of short on neck so I knew it wasn't the usual dove or desert birds that loiter in our neighborhood. I briefly thought it might be some kind of small bird of prey but there were other birds, wrens-n-such, on the same phone line, unafraid. And it bobbed it's head up and down and used it's beak to steady itself on the phone line.
A parrot? I tried to take pictures but it's more like bird-outline:

But I did play with the camera a little and got a lovely shot of the sunset:

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  1. Hi, KiniaCat! I'm enjoying your blog... and got to wondering about your mystery bird. Could it be a kestrel or peregrine? I found this neat bird ID site, which I thought very interesting: http://www.whatbird.com/.
    By the way, I LIKE your knitting! It's a joke around my house now that I can't bear to knit baby blankets, ecsept for my own grandchild(ren)! They take forEVER. Go figure.