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Friday, October 24, 2008

"Blogs to Explore" - and I haven't been...

It's probably not unlike the many, many, many, many books I have stacked up around here waiting to be read...
It may relate to my respectable but not too scary fabric stash...
The yarn stash...well - maybe not so respectable and a little scary...
Yet...I have a lot more books than yarn and...ok-well, that's actually pretty darn scary. Hmmm.

When I'm visiting my favorite blogs, I sometimes browse the favorite blogs of my favorite bloggers.
If I'm intrigued and plan to read more later, I mark the new blog as a Favorite in my "Blogs to Explore" category.
And, to further increase my "Blogs to Explore" stash - Blogger has a nifty little feature called "Blogs of Note". (where I tripped over the ever-delightful Cake Wrecks.)

----Minor Alert - diverted thoughts running amuck -----
No, I am not now and am very unlikely to be the author of a "Blog of Note".
I'm clever, but not that clever...and, heck, I post up-side-down pictures of my cat. Odd and cat-lady peculiar, but not "note-able".

NOTE: (pun intended - HA!) I heard recently that that because I have a spouse - I am immune from all "Crazy Cat Lady" labels!
i.e. Single woman with many cats = the "crazy cat lady".
Woman with many cats + spouse = "Soft-hearted" (soft-touch), "Generous", "Organized", "Humanitarian" (or would that be feline-itarian? ); Amazing, stellar woman with a family that just happens to include (a dozen or so) cats.

One more Note: Would a mere Significant other wave off the "crazy cat lady" moniker or does there have to be an actual wedding involved?

Ok, that digression took us about 2 fields over and across the lake...

Back to the Blogs to Explore.
I propose to reduce my "Blogs to Explore" stash by actually exploring some blogs and update my blog with the...well, "review" is perhaps too strong a word...maybe...offer my 2 cents worth (cheap opinions).
Maybe once a week? (We'll see how long this grand scheme lasts....)

Who is at the top of the Blogs to Explore List?
Could it become a "Favorite" Blog? To be visited and chortled over often?
Recommended to people at work and on the street?

Ya never know. I'll plan to Explore "The Knitting Curmudgeon". Great title, huh?
Love the "Shut up, I'm Counting" comment (I could learn something from that statement.).
The South Park-esque cartoon lady holding the automatic weapon is giving me teeny bit of pause though...

I'll explore and report back later. Feel free to explore as well.
G'night all and pleasant dreams!

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