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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Did a little weaving amongst the knitting...

A few weeks ago, I had the great fun of taking a weaving class at Grandma's Spinning Wheel.
I finished this scarf:

It's a cotton chinelle - very soft!

I probably made it a bit tight - except for the left side where I missed, for half a scarf, that I needed to add a tug to help the yarn lay properly. Live and learn, uh... well, weave and learn. ;-)

Another class-mate and I had so much fun we matched schedules with the owner and she let us come back to borrow a loom again, loiter in the store and make another scarf!!

So...last weekend we "demonstrated" weaving at the front of the store whilst folks were at the back of the store creating some very interesting and fun-looking wet felted items.

The class-mate was excellent company (we have very similar tastes in TV shows which shows great intellect and humor, I think!) and was much swifter than I, finishing her scarf that Saturday (spiffy red-ish warp with a lovely green-based fuzzy weft - it came out very nice and very soft!).

I picked another not-as-bulky yarn so it took longer. I was also a little hampered by a cold and cold medication. Ugh.
However, the cool bit being the yarn I picked wove into some totally amazing patterns. I'm calling it the "Sunset Scarf".
The owner of Grandma's Spinning Wheel was also pretty tickled that the yarn she suggested wove up so very interestingly.
She let me come back on Monday to finish up...Here 'tis:

Pretty cool, huh?

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  1. Oh yes, the "sunset scarf" is truly worthy of a blog. I only hope it isn't supposed to be a surprise gift!

    Love, mr bobcat.. my mia looks exactly like him. Maybe they're cousins??

    I've experienced a couple of "firsts" with you...weaving, now blogging... what's next?

    I could get used to this, fellow weaver.

    Stay well.