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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not my BobCat...a REAL Bobcat...

No, I didn't have a camera with me. I'll try to rectify that.
My boss was relating a tale of seeing a Bobcat stalking a jack rabbit just off our parking lot - basically in the middle of Tucson.
He was regaling me with this tale, pointing out the location about 25 feet from where I park everyday (hmmmm?). Then he placed the pumpkin he'd purchased for the Company Halloween festivities on Friday in my little truck (yep, I'm doing the carving - we'll see how that comes out).

As he continued his story, we then stepped over the curb behind where my truck was parked and discovered...bones. Likely bunny bones. Not new. Pretty well done and dried. There was an interesting bit of, well, um, fur between the 2 bone piles (sorry - trying not to gross you out too much. Skip to the next paragraph if this is all too much for you...) It was suggested it was not just the abandoned skin but, perhaps, well.... a hairball. Sorry, I had to laugh at the contrast of what was on the ground and what I've cleaned up over the years in my role of kitty-mom.

Well, we peered at the empty lot to the south of our building for a little bit and then stepped back over the curb to the parking lot. As we loitered, talking...the boss-man said "look" - and he pointed west across our parking lot...and there, in the late afternoon sun was the critter himself.
The boss was right - at first glance, the Bobcat looked rather like a house cat. But then I realized he was about a 75-80 feet away so he was probably a bit larger than a house cat...then there was his tail. It was almost like the boss had set me up with an elaborate, well-timed show...the timing was perfect. The Bobcat stood for just a moment, strolled across that end of the parking lot...and disappeared into the brush. Spiffy, huh?

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