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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm actually NOT as crazy as SOME people...

Yes, I am actually not as crazy as some people.
But we'd be hard pressed to believe it from yesterday's blog, huh?
My apologies to anyone intrepid or foolhardy enough to wade through yesterday's Work rant.
(And my compliments at your bravery to return!)
It was not my intention to use this blog for Work venting.
But, boy did I ever vent work yesterday. Sigh.

10/8/08 - Edited for Work Venting....trying to leave it at work
I said yesterday I intended not to use this blog for Work Venting...and I decided very very early this AM to keep to that intention.
So today I removed the "Possible Closure" section from this blog.
You didn't miss much. Thanks for perusing, though.

So - on to the people that I am most definitely less crazy than...e-mail spam authors!

I've been getting VERY BIZARRE e-mails lately from people that I know, respect, and love.
I'm gobsmacked (love that phrase) to be getting these types of e-mails from these particular people.
No, I don't consider these e-mailing friends crazy...however, the it'll-be-on-the-cover-of-the-Nat'lEnqur-next-week bogus e-mails definitely bring on the padded room consideration.
i.e. - "Who writes this stuff?!?!"

I've gotten 2 e-mails from 2 different and lovely souls that ??wanted to share?? the crazy e-mail that Bill Cosby was going to write-in as a presidential candidate... (no, that is not the crazy part. I think Dr. Cosby would be a grand president - wise, intelligent, funny; he has a lot to teach us and he'd probably help us grow up even more than he already has...but I don't know that I would wish being president on him. ).
No, the crazy part is the wild and bizarre mix of kinda/maybe-worthy concepts and downright creepy stuff in that e-mail. An e-mail Mr. Cosby DID NOT AUTHOR.
Snopes, Urban Legends, and Mr. Cosby himself had some words on the subject (voices of sanity).

I got another one that used Andy Rooney's good name to bolster some, um, opinions...You can ogle it in disbelief on Snopes
Mr. Rooney also did not appreciate the use of his name and has been trying to quash this bogus e-mail for literally years!

(Like the Crazy bozos that write the wonky e-mails and send them out under someone else's name are EVER going to read this...)
If the comments are something that people want to communicate then communicate by all means. This is America - we have and fight for the right of Free Speech.
Even if I don't agree with the speech - go for it. This is America.
If you're boring or I don't agree, I reserve the right to wander off or delete the e-mail.

However, presenting concepts as coming from a well-known or respectable persona to give the comments more credence - only has the opposite effect when the false alignment is revealed.
It makes us question what else about the "communication" is a lie.

To anyone who forwards e-mails...PLEASE...
If people would take a few seconds to check Snopes or the Urban Legends website, there would be a whole lotta less crud being flung around the internet.

I was gifted with a lot of other eyebrow-raising e-mails this week. All looked like, and proved to be stuff that Snopes and Urban Legends labeled as "FALSE".
Our world is challenging enough without adding "Chicken Little" worries.
Let's work on the real issues and steer clear of the False Prophets.
~~Um~~Real End of Soap Box Alert~~(sorry)~~

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