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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yarn carrying confession and a Stray Observation

Well, I pretty much disappeared for over a week, huh? Apologies.
I'm distracted with knitting, BobCat and work stuff.
BobCat had another issue with constipation and spent a day at the Vet experiencing the various efforts to unbind him. He's doing better, but we'll probably have to do some daily medication to help him digestively. (See - I kept the description vague and "ewww-less". Aren't you relieved?)

Knitting distractions: I've been working very hard to finish BJ's Baby Blanket - the last of the trio of Baby Blankets I've been cranking out the last couple of months.
I understand the baby is not here yet, but she's due any minute now...overdue, actually - so I'm LATE.
Now....... technically, I did finish it.
Will I be giving it to JoAnna (my friend) for her daughter BJ?



Because I did a crummy job of joining the pieces and carrying the different yarn colors up the edge. Ewwww. Not something I can give to someone and look them in the eye. So...I'll be shipping it off to the Project Linus people.
Yes, I feel a teeny bit scummy about inflicting it on Project Linus, but that way it won't go to waste and maybe some kind soul will think the odd spots of color are a "design element". (sigh)

Sooooooo - I got another skein of the Ecru color and I've started over.
It's not like I can blame ignorance on my poorly executed color-carries...I'm pretty sure I learned how to do it correctly on another project. And it was JoAnna that taught me.
So, no, I'm not going to present them with a baby blanket suffering from unsightly random speckles of yarn colors where they're not supposed to be...

And here's the stray observation. I was driving home from work this evening and found myself behind a Boxy Fake SUV in a rather spiffy coppery-orange. I realized the custom license plate said "Lemming". I actually thought about trying to ask the driver if:
a.) "Lemming" is his last name?
b.) He just likes Lemmings...?
c.) He feels like a Lemming in traffic?
d.) Or if I'm the Lemming because I'm following him... ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Let's just pretend he's the kind of lemming that drives over a cliff. In his SUV, which spectacularly explodes killing everything on board and some mice in the grass. Just hypothetically.

    And for the baby banky?

    picky, picky, picky

    It looks fine, but I'm not complaining because I never get tired of looking at those colors.