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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend Warrior Adventures

No, not me being the Weekend Warrior ...the DH.

I've had a pretty good weekend thus far. 3 loads of laundry this AM before this afternoon's rain.
(Yep, I lamented too soon that the monsoon was over - we've been damp pretty much every day this week.)
I also got to have a long lunch with a favorite friend - celebrating her birthday.
I followed that up with stopping by Grandma's Spinning Wheel to pay for a class I've registered for and...yeah, well, you didn't think I could escape without getting a little yarn, did you?

Home to get water for the DH - and my Father-in-law has joined the fray! They're pondering the foibles of changing the serpentine belt on a 1997 Buick LeSabre. Seems there's an Engine Mount bolt the silly belt is looped around...
I looked on-line ('cause the guys generally don't... I think when it comes to cars men sometimes have an "exploratory surgery" perspective that just makes me wonder.) - anyway - per the on-line comments, they seem to be heading in the right direction but it seems not enough weight has been taken off the bolt by the jack location and they still can't get the belt threaded.

I'm mostly trying to stay out of the way, pull the laundry in off the line (interesting streak of what appears to be engine grease on my once-clean sheets...hmmmm?) and resisting the urge to kibitz too much. (having peeked at some belt-changing comments on-line does NOT make me an expert...) Took some pictures of the barrel cactus out front - there's a bee buried in the center of the top flower - he went deep for that pollen...

I wonder if Buick will be going to the dealership on Monday...

No! The DH and FiL were successful!!
('course there was that comment about "can't go in reverse anymore...")

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