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Sunday, August 3, 2008

My events as a Ravthlete!!

I might still add on some more WIPs (Work In Progress) as I trip over them...but here's what I'll be working on in what events. I'll try to note what gets finished or the percentage completed as the Ravelympics progress. (I saw one spiffy Ravthlete that had graphs on her blog to show percentage complete - way cool. Gotta figure that one out...)

Event: Scarf Stroke and GiftKnit Pentathalon
The Unnamed Scarf I haven't tried before - training complete (swatching done)

Event: Baby Dressage and GiftKnit Pentathalon
Baby Blanket for Jo's Grandchild - I have yarn and a pattern...

Event: WIP Wrestling
1. Trifold Knitters Bowl, 75 % complete
2. Baby Blanket for Reba's Grandchild, 80 % complete
3. 2nd Pair of Socks Ever, 50% complete
4. Jessica's Baby Blanket, 15 % complete
5. Wave Dishcloth in Continental Stitch, 33 % complete
6. Felted Bowl for Laurel, 40% complete
7. Bead Knit Bracelet, 45% complete
8. Mixed Bag, 15 % complete

I think that's more than enough. (Yep, I'm looney - but we knew that about me.)
As I understand it, I don't need to finish all my WIPs to "win" my participation in the WIP Wrestling event. It's more on how many I can complete. And no one is competing with anyone else or another team - we're competing with ourselves. Wish me luck.
(Now I have to go find something to knit that I haven't assigned to the Ravelympics...)

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