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Friday, August 1, 2008

Knitting and Plant-life

It's Friday. Lovely, loverly Friday and we're back to some Monsoon action.
Knitting...yes, I've been knitting. I knit at the allergist, in front of the TV, in front of the PC (well, no, not right now - I'm typing...)
The TriFold Knitter's Bowl - the Pockets are done. I need to wind the skein of purple yarn into a "cake" so I can get started on the petals/top folds of the bowl.

I did cast on a baby blanket for our receptionist, having realized she's 6 months along and I've 2 other baby things to make due about the same time period...(ack!)

I semi-finished this Shrug I saw on Knitty Gritty on HGTV (KG originates off DIY Network).
It is a lace sampler in a rectangle and then you pull together the edges of the first 17 inches or so to make sleeves. Folks that know me know I've already knitted this puppy once...and it was way short. I admit, I tend to knit "tight" but no one knits tight enough to lose more than a foot off a lace sampler with chunky-weight sticky-ish yarn. So I ripped it out (since I didn't want to use it as a scarf) and re-knit it on needles 4 sizes larger. Ha. So there. It seems much more the right length. For me. For a 3/4 length sleeve. On my very short arms. (sigh) Maybe blocking will help? (Amazing how much lacier something looks under a camera flash...)

What else have I been knitting... oh, can't type about that one they might see it on this blog.
Bet you've had enough of the knit-jargon anyway...

So - on to plant stuff. I have this odd plant that my Mother-in-law gave me. I kind of admired it at her house like 15 or so years ago which apparently meant I should have one of my own. I wasn't enamored of it - more struck with how odd it is. Green leaves on one side with the underside a bright scarlet.


The plant had been indoors for most of the last 15 years until last year when I moved it outside, with no clue if it would survive...it survived. AND...it bloomed. The flowers are really pretty too!
I'm a bit astounded, and finally, perversely, rather pleased with this odd plant.


  1. This lovely, very happy plant is an angel-wing begonia. You're a great plant mom, the proof is in the bloom

  2. This lovely and very happy plant is an angel-wing begonia. I have a potted one indoors, but when I tried planting some cuttings in a shaded bed outside this spring, they quickly succumbed to the Tucson summer heat. I suspect they would have fared better in pots. See what a good plant mom you are, the proof is in the bloom

  3. Thanks, but I can't take a lot of credit...the poor plants are lucky they get watered...