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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Favorite YouTube Videos (thus far)

Ok, these are some of my favorite videos I've found on YouTube - and no, I don't go trolling for these. Folks send them to me or I trip over them.
(And I think I just like the idea of having 'em in one, easy-access location!!! Giggles on demand!)

This was a gift found on one of my Knitting teacher's blog
This one makes me laugh and cry...just as she said it would.
It's wondrous and joyous and lovely - Where the Hell is Matt

This gent I saw on Oprah but this video popped after "Where the Hell is Matt"...
The Evolution of Dance

This one I found linked on Ravelry - it's a HOOT.
(Yes, I had to inflict it on the Engineers I know!)
The Engineer's Guide to Cats

After the Engineer's Guide- YouTube offered me this. More giggles!!
Mean Kitty Song/Hey Little Sparta
(Yes, there's a whole series on Sparta now - I think he has his own YouTube location or something now.)

This one was a featured something on YouTube. I might have clicked on it by accident, but I'm impressed with, well, what these folks created....Yep, it's colorful...(Shows my slightly twisted side too, I think)

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