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Sunday, August 24, 2008

No, I'm still here...I've just been knitting when I wasn't at work...

The Ravelympics ended this AM. I stopped at 5 medals. Not too bad. I'd hoped to get more done, but 5 finished projects in a couple of weeks is pretty darn good.
I was in the vicinity of finishing the odd-patterned scarf...but I ran out of time. Maybe this week.

I should have taken pictures, but Laurel's Bowl has been gifted away already. I decided it was too boring and added some random beads to the top lip of the bowl. It turned out rather nice.
Laurel seemed quite tickled about it.

Earlier in the week, I started and was making good headway on the baby blanket for JoAnna's grandchild...but was unpleasantly surprised at the unexpected colors that came out of the skein of yarn...Teal. Actually - the blanket looks nice, but it certainly doesn't look like a baby blanket.
Friend Reba asked if I wanted to go to JoAnne's just about then and JoAnne's was having a yarn sale - so more baby yarn has been acquired and another project plotted.
Anyone interested in a teal and purple lap-blanket?

Having neglected most everything except work (which seriously cut into my knitting time(wry grin)) for the past few weeks, today is slotted for some minor catch-up tasks. Vacuuming, pick-up rooms, clear my desk, update the blog, maybe some swimming, and some other household chores. Fun day, huh? (kind of a let-down after all that focused knitting, but it does assuage some of the sitting-on-my-tush knitting-guilt that has built up over the past 17 days.)

Butterflies are making their late-summer appearance and our Monsoons seemed to have died down (durn it). I'll try to get some pictures of the Butterflies.

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