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Saturday, August 2, 2008


Ravelry is SUCH fun. (and a huge, entertaining black-hole for on-line time).
I saw a week or two ago that some of the Raverly folks were planning a Ravelympics, whereby you cast on/start a new project during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and you had to finish your project before the end of the closing ceremonies. My favorite Blog, Author, and Knitting Maven, the Yarn Harlot, does something like this every 4 years. I'm somewhat of a rookie to her blog so I haven't read through a Knitting Olympics with her but it was quite spiffy to read/watch her Tour de Fleece ride (and victory!). But I digress...
I was leery that I could accomplish an entire, serious project (yeah, like I'm gonna sign up to do a puny scarf or dishcloth for the Ravelympics...) in that time period (and I'm not really into watching the Olympics) but I kept thinking about it.
When I realized they had a WIP event - Works in Progress - I started thinking seriously about doing it. Nothing like a really good excuse to focus on knitting for a couple of weeks. With the bonus of actually finishing projects - very tempting.

So this AM, I signed up for 3 events under 3 different teams involving 8 projects.
My Events are WIPs Wrestling, GiftKnit Pentathalon, and the Scarf Stroke. I think the folks at Ravelry are terribly clever (and the organizational and coding stuff going on is mind boggling - I have such admiration going for these folks!).

6 are WIPs I've already been working on (very occasionally for some of them)
Another is a new project I'm already swatching on (swatching being a test square to find out if I'm using the right needles/yarn). Yep, it's allowed - the Ravelympics consider Swatching to be "training".
The last item is one of the baby blankets I need to work on/finish soon anyway so it's just more incentive.

Ok, well, um, I did actually sign up to do a scarf and a dishcloth for 2 of my projects for the Ravelympics.
Now, wait - the scarf is a reallllly special one - not like anything I've done before.
And the dishcloth is all in Continental stitch!! It's like writing left-handed when you're right handed. I'm WAY right handed (i.e. thrower).
Not "puny" projects at all - really.

I'm also planning on organizing (excavating) my craft room so I might be able to add more to my Ravelympic WIP tab before the project cutoff on the 8th.
Of course I won't finish everything in all the events...but they'll be there on my WIPsRavelry Project list...to remind me they're waiting to be done...
staring at me...
mocking me...
guilting me not to start another NEW project...
S'ok, it's not like I'm sleeping a lot lately anyway...

I do have a problem, though. So - now what do I work on since I've committed myself and most all of my WIPs to the Ravelympics? It seems rather dishonorable to work on them before the Opening Ceremonies. I guess... I could go look for a Whole New Project to Start!! Excellent! Ta!

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