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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I live to knit another day...

Apologies - slightly "ewww" content... not going into detail, but generalities may offend some sensibilities.
I had my second colonoscopy today. My Dad had Colon Cancer so us childrens get to start these kinds of scans early.
Based on the unusual, out-of-the-ordinary and profoundly unpleasant experiences that accompanied my first colonoscopy, I was mildly terrified to have the 2nd one. However, I have survived to knit (and blog) another day and the Dr. found nothing untoward in his look-see. (sigh of relief!!)
This experience was not as profoundly unpleasant as the first one - the prep was improved and I'll skip the details. The aftermath was nominal...I have had very minimal discomfort, and, as promised, the anesthetic they used wore off quickly. Yeah~!!!!~ DH did a pretty good job baby-sitting me too.

I have been doing some knitting since my last blog - here's an update on my events.
(Note - if I can figure out how to do it, there should be a small collection of "medals" beginning on the right-hand side of the blog - one for each completed project/event).

Event: Scarf Stroke and GiftKnit Pentathalon - 20 % complete
I cast on the scarf 8/8/08 AM - took me a bit to figure out the color changes. Oy. It's started...but there's a looooong way to go.
8/12/08 - making headway. Sunday was frustrating as I was afflicted with a counting spasm whereby I couldn't accurately count past 12. (ok, 12 was kind of iffy too) (Ack!!)

Event: Baby Dressage and GiftKnit Pentathalon
I haven't gotten this far yet...

Event: WIP Wrestling
1. Trifold Knitters Bowl, 75 % complete
2. Baby Blanket for Reba's Grandchild, 100 % complete 8/9/08
3. 2nd Pair of Socks Ever, 50% complete
4. Jessica's Baby Blanket, 40 % complete
5. Wave Dishcloth in Continental Stitch, 100 % complete 8/12/08
6. Felted Bowl for Laurel, 80% complete - knitting is done, now it must be felted.
7. Bead Knit Bracelet, 45% complete
8. Mixed Bag, 15 % complete
9. Bully Woolies, 80 % Complete
10. Knitted Lace Sampler Shrug, 100 % Complete 8/8/08!!

And BobCat has been working VERY hard helping me pursue my medals:

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