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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tea Bag Wisdom and Random Stuff

My morning tea has been entertaining me....
{As previously blogged, I am easily entertained.}
...with charming and funny sayings on the Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy tea bag fob.
  • The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
    attributed to Dorothy Parker
  • You're never too old to become younger.
    Mae West
  • The tribute to learning is teaching.
    Wise saying from the Orient. 
I'm not surprised that Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who. It's been 4 years. {sigh}
It seems like he was about to be the "new" doctor just a little while ago. I was rather skeptical about that new Dr. because I didn't want David Tennant to leave. However, I did become smitten with Mr. Smith. And now Twitter is bursting with speculation and suggestions as to who should be the new Doctor. Will the new Doctor be a Ginger (red hair)? Will it be a woman? We shall see....

New favorite Series:
"Craft in America", a PBS series. It looked intriguing on Netflix so I queued it. However, the first episode I watched struck such a cord that I seem to be saving it "for later", like particularly wonderful chocolate or yarn. {sigh} I suspect heightened interest in this subject coincides with my current educational pursuits and my questioning if I might eventually qualify as an "artist". This series doesn't appear to be available on my local PBS channel and obviously I'm a few years behind so I should stop "saving it" and savor it!

Patrick Stewart - what an amazing Man. 
Via The Blogess' post today - "A Brave Fan Asks Patrick Stewart A Question He Doesn't Usually Get And Is Given A Beautiful Answer." Well done, Sir! My thanks to you.
My own "Training Marriage" unpleasantness was pretty mild compared to what many women experience. I got off lucky {and divorced} and the current DH is truly a "Dear Husband". I am blessed.

Lastly - the Trekkie influence on my blog posts continue:
I am profoundly tickled with the spiffy Trekkie (and Hobbit) humor in this Audi commercial:
{The car's not bad either.} ;-)

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