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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Article Flashback and Pleasant Distractions

Ya know that "recovering work-aholic" phrase in the blog banner?
It's kind of a funny phrase, but in real life it has profound consequences. 
Ha - and that phrase "profound consequences" doesn't begin to explain. {sigh}

ANYWAY...I'm spending the break-time between the Spring and Summer semesters from the Fiber Arts Degree working on the many, many half-started projects/piles/tasks laying about my home. 
Yep, that is part of the "profound consequences". When you spend 85% of your life on work, prep for work, and just a little sleep before going back to work there's not a lot of time for much else.

This morning's to-do was a pile of the magazines in which I'd marked articles to be re-read or recipes to try, etc.  The intact magazines will go to Bookman's for credit trade. The magazines that I pull recipes/articles from will be recycled

In an Oprah magazine was a truly lovely, funny and poignant story: "What Betty Knows". 
I skimmed through it and the feelings it evoked when I originally read it washed over me. 
Because it was so amazing, I thought "Who can I share this with?". 
You perhaps?

I think it is worth a read. And a re-read. Oh - and you might need a tissue.  "What Betty Knows" by Monica Wood

The Burnout Flashback memories that opened this blog were inspired by another article in the same magazine. 

Years ago, I used to "joke" that I just cycled through levels of burnout. {wry grin/sigh}
I'd marked the page because I represented the later stages of burnout described in the article. I'd hoped the article might inspire some recovery. 
Life intervened (love of family, health, and unemployment) to inspire burnout recovery. I do think I am returning to the self I'm supposed to be and that is a very good thing. Much more pleasant.

Here is part of the original "Stay Cool" article on the Oprah website but it appears that CNN Living may have the full version by Martha Beck under "Ways to bring yourself back from burnout".

Deep breath. Here's some lighter stuff. 

More Good Earth Tea Bag Fob Wisdom: 
"To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am." Bernard M. Baruch 1870 - 1965 {Added grin - Mr. Baruch lived to be 95 years old!}

I recently discovered "Live from Daryl's House" on the Palladia channel. 
I'd seen some of Daryl Hall's lovely restored home on an episode of This Old House and I have appreciated his music a good portion of my life. I eventually went to take a look at his show and found I enjoyed the premise, music, conversation and setting. The gents in the band are amazing and Mr. Hall is an excellent host and musician.

I must confess many of the names of the guest stars in the program guide are unknown to me. But I'll explore more and we'll see if I might know their music. 
My current favorite episodes feature Cee Lo Green and Jason Mraz. Both gents were interesting, charming, respectful, and fun in their own way. Their interactions with Mr. Hall & Co. reflected their 
Well done!

Here's the video of "93 Million Miles" with Jason Mraz, Daryl Hall & Co.
{Pssst - the discussion of the inspiration for  "93 Million Miles" is especially nifty. Choose the "Dinner - Part 2" option at the bottom right of the video-play screen.}
I am fond of Cee Lo Green's clever "Forget You" but I've included "Bright Lights Bigger City"because  they rock this song on "Live from Daryl's House". 

Lastly, this is a current favorite: The heartful "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz.

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