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Thursday, June 13, 2013

WWKIP and a Gift of Craft from Bookmans

The WWKIP Event days span June 8 through June 16th.
WWKIP = World Wide Knit in Public {which, as I have previously noted, is my standard MO}.
So here's some evidence of Tucsonians honoring WWKIP this week. The Tucson Handweaver's and Spinner's Guild Knitting Study group met at a restaurant this last weekend.

And we knit in public. {grin} 

And a very talented group of knitters/crocheters they are!
{Ladies, if I mis-describe or over-describe your efforts, please let me know and I will make any requested changes!}
 My knitting is in the foreground - I'm swatching for a pair of Jaywalker socks in the purple/black/grey variegated Paca Peds sock yarn.
Just above my yarn is a lovely lacy fingerless mitt currently being developed.
At the top of the picture is a nifty two-tone market bag under construction. {I like it! I don't know why it never occurred to me to use two colors.}

 The bag above is being crocheted from brown yarn and....plastic grocery bags! Very cool.

Her response to my request for a picture of her  handiwork
is still making me smile!
The talented knitter above {note the spiffy knit top too!} had just finished the red hat with the perfect amount of yarn left over {about a yard}.

I'm not sure what she started in the blue yarn after finishing the hat, but I remember thinking the yarn was lovely. The sherbet-shaded rainbow of yarn at the bottom of the picture is a baby blanket being knit upon by a brand new member of our group.

More blue yarn was used to start a lace shawl {I missed the opportunity to get a picture, sorry}.
The charming blue knit in the picture above is another baby blanket - I think as a donation gift.

A couple of weeks ago I found some very spiffy knit-related books at Bookman's.
A couple of blogs ago, I confessed that I was newly smitten with a PBS series: "Craft in America".

This week, I had a stray thought {and some Bookman's trade credit burning a hole in my pocket} and I checked to see if Bookman's had any previously owned copies of Craft in America.

I found two (!!) seasons of Craft in America at Bookman's for $10.00 each!
I also found another book for my library ($8.00): "Beaded Bags and More, Second Edition" edited by Jules and Kaethe Kliot.

It is a compendium of pattern books for beaded bags from the 1920s. {Cool!!}

I have an interest in this topic because I have previously knit beaded bags:
Yes, I enjoyed knitting with beads on 4-aught needles. 

But here's the very best part.
When I went to check out, I got the book and 2 videos for Free!
As it turns out, twice a day at Bookman's a random customer receives their purchase for free!!
{Thank you!}

I was very tickled to be "random" on Monday. {happy dance}

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