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Saturday, June 15, 2013

WWKIP continues and Gratuitous Cat Pictures

The week of WWKIP (World Wide Knit in Public) continues.

I have not been taking pictures of all my recent WWKIP-ing {sorry} but here's a couple more instances:
She is knitting a lovely feather/fan lace shawl with a silk blend.
The bottom of the picture is my continuing sock-swatch. 
I met with a knitterly friend at a Starbucks for a very nice visit, crunchy/cool/vanilla/creme refreshment, some WWKIP time, and to transfer a tub of donated yarn from the Tucson Handweaver's & Spinner's Guild to my friend who will take to the Old Pueblo Knitter's Guild for charitable knitting.

This tub o'yarn.
{Which Mikale claimed for the time it was at our house.}

I also met some friends at Barnes & Noble and a few of us Knit in Public. One friend finished a dish cloth and continued work on second dishcloth. The green stuff on the bottom is my "Comfort of a Friend Woman's Shawl" from the What (Else) Would Madam Defarge Knit knit-a-long.

{grin/sigh Altered 6/16 to remove the upside-down picture comments because the picture load issue seems to have sorted itself out.}

I used the iTouch reverse feature to take a picture of myself knitting {in public} Friday morning at breakfast. I was part of a group from the Tucson Handweaver's and Spinner's Guild out that morning to shift the guild's stored items to a new storage room. We started early (to avoid heat stroke) and got everything shifted (!Yes!). Then we went to breakfast. And I knit. ;-)
This is the larger panel of the Origami Pullover.

As promised, {and since I seem to have a lot of these stored up} here are some Gratuitous Cat pictures featuring the ginger cats!
Mikale is the strawberry blond and his brother Nikoli is the orange tabby-tuxedo.

These two often sleep yin-yang. Snuggle Bumps.

Guess Nikoli isn't the only cat he'll sleep yin-yang with... ;-)


Mikale up in the kitty tree with Nikoli - or by himself:

And here is a bonus, hurried iTouch picture of a hawk poolside at a friends house.
He's a youngling from a nest in a huge pine tree next to the house. He flew off a few moments later when my friend's spouse walked into the yard.

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