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Monday, February 21, 2011

I am easily entertained

~I am entertained by Teabag Wisdom:
Good Earth Green Tea (yum!) Teabag fob quote:
"Anything too stupid to be said is sung." Voltaire

~You know I'm entertained by kitties:
Slo-mo Kitty - I watched this a couple o'three times - laughing all the while.

~And this was a bit wicked on my part to find this so entertaining - considering these gents are just trying to make a living...
The DH and I went to meet a friend for breakfast and a walk last Saturday. She was having her car maintenanced at a dealership on our side of town and we went to pick her up there. 

I couldn't help but find humor in the reactions we witnessed at the dealership. Several small groupings of Car Salesmen in front of the dealership office focused on our car and followed our progress across the lot with barely contained, commision-inspired attention. (And we were only driving a Buick!)
I called my friend in the Service Waiting Room to hurry out to meet us to alleviate the strain on the sales-gents. 
I kept thinking of "Dug" from Disney's movie "UP" when he came to attention saying "Squirrel!"

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