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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Life Happens" Continued: Chinese Curse or Klingon Proverb?

"May you live in interesting times".

This may be my favorite proverb. It seems to be applicable on both a personal and global level.
Although what I might like best about it would be that I attribute the source of this proverb to two cultures.

Primarily, it is considered to be a Chinese Proverb or Curse.
But I tend to favor the perspective that it is a Klingon Blessing.
{Yep, my geek is showing.}

I would also be in favor of having a slightly less interesting life.

Health. Important Stuff. 
My body seems to be trying to get my attention. And I don't blame it. 
The, uh, adventures of the last year have been interesting, educational, heartening, and, yes, stressful. 

So here's a very minor Soap Box moment. 
In the midst of heartbreak, family illness, life-in-general...please don't forget to take care of yourself. 
I know. You can laugh with me.... "Do as I say, not as I do" was a favored maxim of my mother's. 

I have not been totally neglecting myself, but the insomnia is back (coffee keeps me from falling asleep at my desk) and and I'm feeling my age (and my husband's age, and my brother's...and maybe my sisters). 
I need to do better for myself. And I'm working on it. 

The good news...the recent dental checkup was great. No cavities and the stress didn't wreak any real havoc on my teeth. 
Ok, the not as good news...the annual mammogram indicated there was something to check out. 
A biopsy indicates there is no cancer but there is stuff that can become cancerous and that will need to come out in the next few months. I actually went through something similar to this on the other side a few years ago.

I'm taking the new to-be-removed stuff as a broad hint that I REALLLLLY need to do better for myself. {i.e. This hint is the equivalent of getting smacked upside the head. With a 2x4.}

Friends reading this will be shaking their heads and agreeing. Several can legitimately comment that they've been worried about me and that "It's about time I take better care of myself".
Folks that don't know me as well might feel a "could do better for myself" kinship.
Many of us tend to put off our sleep, health, personal wants for work, family, the to-do list...you know how it works.

So, I'll have the could-become-cancer stuff removed and we'll hope that what was left after the biopsy is also not cancerous.

And I will plot to pursue the Klingon Blessing with my preferences of "interesting times".

  • Time invested in more sleep so I can achieve better health with more time and energy for exercise, yoga, stretching, hiking. I'd like to take up Pilates again. 
  • The new-new work thing will be challenging. I am a known workaholic. I'm really good at it too. However, the recent healing time spent with my little brother did evoke a profound shift in my priorities. I'm hoping I can build on that shift and apply reasonable boundaries to my significant work ethic. 
  • The best "Interesting Times" for me relate to my fibre hobbies. More knitting, weaving, & quilting. 
The challenge of my directing the Klingon Blessing...is actually doing it. 
I've been smacked upside the head. Several times. I witnessed the Little Brother's recovery first hand. 
That's some pretty good incentive. 

I'm open to suggestions.
In the mean time, I'm for bed. Pleasant dreams and good health to you all. 

Hope your 4th of July is fun, safe, and Interesting
(As per the Yarn Harlot's tweet - If your Canadian, enjoy the round-the-clock showings of "Independence Day" inspired by our holiday.) {wry grin}

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