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Friday, October 15, 2010

Love 'dem Kitties, 'deed I do..."HEY - stop that!!..."

I think it is safe to say that Los Gatos are a prime source of entertainment 'round here:

I wish I'd gotten pictures of CooPurr jumping up to this sink. He stood up on his back legs to peer up at the sink (no, he's not quite tall enough to see over the lip, but his head is about on level with the bottom edge of the sink.)
(Click here for a CooPurr scale picture against my clunky PC monitor.)
Then he plotted his jump, rocking and stepping forward with several false starts, until he flew up to the sink and landed gracefully with two paws on the front edge and two paws on the left-side edge - having planned it perfectly.
(This is NOT a little sink - and CooPurr fills it easily.)
Gryphon has another "friend" he plays with besides myself and Nikoli...."Gecko":
Gryphon checks the back door every evening.
Usually Gecko is high up on the screen door.
This night Gryphon didn't have to jump or be held up to visit Gecko.
("Can we keep him?")
Gryphon (inspired by Nikoli) recently discovered there's catnip in that sausage-roll of stripey fabric:

And there's ALWAYS a cat or three to help make the bed - and changing the sheets is a hysterical process!!
Yep - that lump Nikoli is attacking - it's Gryphon.
(Nikoli focuses on what is under his nose...oblivious to all else.)
Oh yeah - they help for the entire process!
(Did you notice Mikale peeking from the other side?)
Cruel-Fate. {SIGH}
This is what I found the other morning when I got up:

Gryphon, also likes to hang out with us in the computer room...snoozing quietly...
all soft and cute-looking...
 with his paw dangerously close to the "ESC" key on my keyboard...?? 
"Gryphon! Watch it!...! Move your..."
"Click"..."Gah...Rasssn-Frassn"..."Did it save?"


  1. My four cats also love to "help" make the bed. If I am in a hurry, I shut them out of the room, but I have to listen to the whining. They KNOW what I doing in there. Their sharp claws have ripped a few bedsheets.

  2. Oh, yes - those kitties are attracted to the keys. I think they're jealous. My half-Siamese sometimes sits right on my mouse/hand! It's "ahem - pay attention to ME."