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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oscar and the Easter Menagerie

Oscar the office cat, has an official Easter Outfit, as you see below.
One of my co-workers has been gifting me with Easter critters for a few years and they keep Oscar company atop the big filing cabinet behind my cube. Sadly, they do not have names.
I believe the first one she gave me was the Easter Chick dressed as a rabbit (note the floppy ears) and bunny slippers. The green/yellow bunnies and the springtime chick followed.
I recently added the wooly friend to the menagerie. Perhaps we'll name him "Simon"?

This morning, my best friend and the DH and I attempted to try Creme Brulee French Toast for breakfast before the DH had to go to work. However, we were foiled by the Restaurant in Copper Country Antiques opening at 11. {rats - we'll try another day...)
But I did snap a picture of "Fred" the buffalo atop the store in his official Easter Outfit and colors:
As I recall, the owners of the shop have a small herd of buffalo. "Fred" gets painted and decorated to celebrate various holidays. The Bunny-ears over his horns and Buck-teeth affixed to his muzzle had us giggling and taking pictures like tourists.

Bonus! Just in time for Easter, a new Simon's Cat entry: Hop It.
Hoppy Easter to you all! 

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