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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I forgot to introduce you to one of my cats...Oscar

Like Nikoli and Mikale, I inherited Oscar from someone at work.
The gent that gifted him to me felt I would be a better owner for Oscar. Something about he didn't really have enough room and that Oscar needed more attention than he could provide.

Essentially, I don't think I got much choice in the matter of "adoption". Certainly not as much choice as I had with the orange kitties. Oscar was left in my cube one day after the gent had said something about bringing me a cat. However, I did get to name him! He just looked like an "Oscar" to me. I'm not quite sure why.

Oscar is my office-cat.
He watches over my cube and keeps an eye on visitors, trying to make sure they don't leave too much work behind after they visit.
(He is not terribly successful at this endeavor, but I appreciate the effort.)

Oscar is the epitome of low maintenance.
No brushing, feeding or litter-box cleaning required.
I will try to do a better job of including him in the blog so you know what he's up to and what he's wearing.
Oscar has outfits for the major holidays! Some he came with and some I've added to his wardrobe.

In honor of our upcoming December Holiday, here is Oscar in his Santa Claws accessories:
(All the hats have cutouts for his ears!)
Oscar and I (along with the DH and the furry monsters at home) 
wish you a lovely Holiday Season. 
Please paws to revel in friends, family, furry loved ones, 
and the beauties of the season.

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