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Sunday, April 17, 2011

De-stashing with a Charitable twist

Ok, not a lot of de-stashing occurring - just a couple o'skeins. But every little bit helps and these skeins had greater effect as they left my hands.

A la "Ma Cobb", I knit two more Jayne hats to donate to our local Arizona Browncoats group. They picked them up last week for their table at the Phoenix Comic Con next month. I'm awaiting word on the final plan for the hats, be it raffle, display, or auction.

A VERY belated update on the fate of the Entrelac Scarf I donated to the Academy for Cancer Wellness Confetti Gala last October.

I heard that the Entrelac Scarf I donated was sold at the silent auction for $65.00! However, the most gratifying part is: the woman who bought it - pulled it out of the bag after paying for it and ***put it on*** right then and there! She stated she loved the colors in the scarf and she wore it home! That is an amazing compliment and I am ever so pleased!!

Destashing with the help of Ravelry:

In January, I had been pondering a random skein of purply-pink Filatura Di Crosa Centolavaggi lace weight yarn in my stash. Frankly, I was wondering what I would do with it. The pink aspect of the yarn seemed much more prominent to me than it had when I purchased it.
Oddly enough, a few weeks later, I was contacted on Raverly by a young lady who had found the yarn posted in my Raverly stash. She was in need of that particular shade of lace yarn to knit a shawl for a friend's wedding. A friend who's wedding colors were that exact shade of purply-pink.
In trade, she offered me a lovely royal purple shade of the same lace yarn that suits my color preferences much better!

About the same time, I was again found on Raverly by someone who also needed some random yarn.
I'd picked up a ball of Blue Crystal Palace Yarns Puffin Print for a baby project that did not come to fruition.  
However, a woman on Raverly needed one ball to finish a Blanket Buddie for a friend who was having her first baby. She offered to pay for the yarn and shipping, but I had a stray thought and asked that she consider donating $10.00 to $15.00 to Knitters/Doctors without Borders. She had never heard of  Doctors Without Borders or what they do. And - she indicated she thought the donation idea was a good one and would follow through with payment to the charity!

It would appear that sometimes I might "randomly" buy yarn for a purpose...someone else's purpose, perhaps?


  1. Jayne hats have been handed off to the wonderful lady who is taking them to the Phoenix Comic con, they will be available for sale along with as many mini Jayne hats as I can crochet by the end of May at the Browncoats table at the con. I await more Jayne hats from KiniaCat that the Browncoats will make available for sale at Cant Stop the Serenity in September.

  2. Thank ye, ma'am, for keeping the blog up to date with the latest Jayne Hat and CSTS news!!