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Saturday, February 19, 2011

This week's adventure - A Tire in Pieces

Technically - this is Last Week's Adventure...I got distracted with this week's adventures and didn't finish the blog...

This week's repair adventure pertains to my well-loved and long-driven little 1990 pickup truck.
About a week ago, the DH suggested that we should look into replacing the 8-year old tires on my little truck.
I agreed wholeheartedly.

Yep, you can see what's coming.
On the way to work on Friday, as I moved into the left turn lane of a major intersection, the truck started shimmying significantly. I was able to carefully finish the left turn and pull into a parking lot.
The rear driver's-side tire was nigh unto shredded. {sigh}

I have to take responsibility for this. I'm an adult and capable of instigating maintenance on my own truck...but I had been lazy and had left all car-related efforts to the DH. 
And he'd put a lot more thought into the tires than I certainly had. 
This serves me right and I am pointedly glad no one was hurt.

I called the DH about his including a trip to the tire store in his errands for the day and I started pulling out the stuff to change the tire.

Yes, I know how to change a tire.
Before my Dad taught me how to drive, he taught me how to change a tire. It's not hard to do (providing the lug nuts can be loosened and the tire doesn't weigh half my body-weight). And it's definitely handy info to have.

So - I did the deed. It took me a couple of tries to find the only place the jack could be positioned so the truck was lifted high enough to remove the dead tire was - behind the tire on the axel casing.
(This information is also handily documented in the owner's manual {sigh/duh}.)

My hands, pants, and shoes were filthy from kneeling in parking lot dirt and handling tires. {sigh}
I looked like I'd already worked a full day's worth...at a garage.   ;-)

A passing gentlemen (wearing nice western duds and spiffy red & black cowboy boots) had saved me from greasing-up my favorite hand-dyed turtleneck by crawling under the truck to get the winch for the spare inserted properly. His timing was excellent and greatly appreciated.

The DH turned up just in time to inflate the (of course) flat spare tire and put it on the truck.
He then followed me to work and then drove the little truck away on 3 old tires and an even older "donut" spare in search of replacement tires.

We did find that my little truck's age was a minor hinderance in obtaining tires...one place said they'd have to order tires that small. {hrrumph}
The DH joked that they only kept tires in stock for cars from this millienium.
However, he did get new tires for my truck and he changed the oil (only slightly overdue) over the weekend.

The recent streak of "adventures" does have me wondering what will happen next week. We're on kind of a roll.  I'm praying for nothing eventful.
(Which would probably mean a back-to-knitting blog for you-all....)

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