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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Quilt Square for Jane

Happy sigh! The 2nd pass at making a quilt square to go in the quilt for an ailing, elderly friend of mine, Jane, went much mo'betta this time!!

Because Jane has always asked after my cats and because I am the Crazy Cat Lady of my crafting group (i.e. "the person with the most cats must be crazy"), I chose to put a cat on my quilt square to represent meself in  Jane's quilt.

This is how paper piecing is supposed to go (Sorry - this is a rough outline, not meant to be a tutorial):
1.)  Pattern:
From "Paper Pieced Cats and Dogs" by Shirley Liby

2.) Plus fabric sewn on in the right order:

3.) Plus pieces joined in the right order:

4.) (Lika 'dis): 

5.) Minus the paper:

6.) Equals This :

7.) And I added a note to Jane :
(I am profoundly tickled at how well this turned out!)
Jane told us that her Dad taught her how to knit when she was a child.
Jane taught me how to "Tink". ("Tink" = "Knit" Spelled backwards).
Yes, she taught me how to un-knit. And I've never seen anyone else Tink this way - in a way that is easy to pull the stitches off without leaving a twist or having to finagle the stitch as you Tink to avoid the twist.
Sheer spiffiness.

She is one of the original members of our crafting klatch. She is a retired nurse, can kick butt/take names if need be, crafts for a wide variety of charities, and has an excellent sense of humor.
She showed us that moderation can help us craft for many years - even with arthritis (moderation and shifting to different crafts each day or even every few hours.).

She's recently moved away to live with her son and we miss her.
So - we're crafting a quilt to hug her for us. 

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  1. Such skill/talent you have! I admire this block - could be the subject matter.... Congrats on designing and executing a beautiful and meaningful square! Best wishes to your friend.