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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blogs to Explore - Crazy Aunt Purl

Continuing my efforts to reduce my "Blogs to Explore" stash by actually exploring some blogs I bookmarked to review later...
(this might be the only stash-busting at which I can be successful.)

Another of the well-established blogs in our knitting community: Crazy Aunt Purl.
She's also published, having created "Drunk, Divorced, & Covered in Cat Hair".
(I don't qualify for the "drunk" park, but I can claim the other two.)
That title alone bodes well for an interesting sense of humor....
As of yesterday's blog, I like her. She's real and she's a bit of a kindred spirit - or maybe someone I admire and I'd like to be at her level of regard for herself so I could be a kindred spirit. I think she's working to be comfortable with herself. I can relate to that. All this on a couple of paragraphs... Lem'me read a bit more...

Oy - looks like CA has a dumb Proposition up for vote - like our dumb proposition against same-sex marriages. Our society really does seem to grow up painfully slowly.
Crazy Aunt Purl sums it up rather nicely at the bottom of this blog.
(Wicked grin - I got custody of the dentist AND the hair stylist in my training-marriage divorce!)

As I read on - I'm only liking this woman's blog more and more. I like that wry sense of humor thing. I like the cat and cat-hair thing (been there, doing that). She seems to have a good head on her shoulders and a grand sense of humor.
And she's a bit vulnerable - honest. Rather brave and overall - spiffy.
I'm going to keep reading...

OMG - Cats in Sweaters?!?!? Matching sweaters to their humans'?!?!?!
Too funny - and I'm oddly impressed with the tolerance of these cats...
Speaking of...the blog indicates she lives with 4 cats...I've only seen pictures of 3. See - now I'll HAVE to keep reading to find out about the 4th cat...

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  1. You're right. Crazy Aunt Purl rocks.