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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Retreating! Bear Cabin Inn - 2013

I'm retreating!
Craft Retreating, that is.
I didn't plan on going this year because of the current lack of income/school pursuits.
However, a friend wanted some clerical assistance with putting together her business tax receipts and we bartered my time for Camp fees! Woot!

So I'm in the White Mountains of Arizona at Bear Cabin Inn. It is pouring down rain, but we are snug and warm inside, with Hot Chocolate, Tea, or Coffee as well as tasty snacks readily available.
I am also enjoying actually getting to wear multiple knitted items at one time!! (knitted socks, a cowl, & fingerless Mitts)

A little earlier today, I had a conversation with one of the woodpeckers that live near the cabin.
{He thinks the bird feeder {just filled 2 days ago}
should be re-filled.}
(I'll try to get a picture of the Stellar Blue Jay we saw yesterday, but he's holed up somewhere during the rain.)

Our hostess is an excellent cook and great fun to spend time with.
Moreover - I'm here with some of my most favorite people in the world.
{Happy Sigh}

Most everyone else is quilting. A talented friend of mine finished putting together this Bargello wall hanging last night:

Another friend spent yesterday trying to convince her sewing machine to play well with her - she resorted to knitting last night and this AM. Two other ladies worked on the machine this AM and it is now behaving quite well and sewing together some lovely batik rectangles.

Yet another friend has created (in less than 30 hours {she slept too!!}) two amazing bags that she's gifting to a sister and daughter:

There are a ton of pockets (but it's not kitty proof
so I'm not too tempted to swipe one).
This friend's Bargello quilt is nearing completion:

And she's also trying to decide how she'd like to put these together:

Me? I am indulging in some serious start-itis. {Huge GRIN}
Here's what is on and off my needles this weekend:
(More detail and pictures and links are available from my Ravelry Project Page.)

On the drive up to Show Low, I finished this pair of "Peekaboo" Fingerless Mitts for our hostess (she was quite tickled with them!):
{Not the best picture - the yarn has a great gradual
darkening of the blue toward the fingers.}
I am swatching for my first pair of hand-knit socks for the DH {Finally!! But I forgot to bring his measurements with me so I won't go further just yet}. I am planning to use the Yarn Harlot's "Earl Grey" sock pattern.

I swatched for and started the "Origami Pullover" for meself:
(Long Lake Yarns dubbed this project "Ribbing Purgatory". {wry grin})

I forgot to bring my KCL Woods Mesquite Yarn bowl {durn it} but our nifty hostess loaned me a stand-in:
{This is a more accurate representation of the yarn color.}
I swatched for and am very excited to start this shawl - which will eventually be "Bigger On The Inside":

I have a couple of other in-progress small projects but I also brought my languishing "February Lady Sweater" to move it along some.

Yes, I did seriously consider bringing my Scarlet Shade of Shades of Grey Swirl coat. It is sooooo close to completion - but it is a bit cumbersome and I chose to leave it at home. {Of course, now I'm a'wish'n I'd brought it too}.

I'm off to do another lace repeat on my "Bigger On the Inside" Tardis shawl.
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my...you have REALLY been busy! So many beautiful projects underway!

  2. Grazie! I felt like a made a little progress on a variety of projects. Watching folks sew together all their amazing projects was heartening...but I have to {sigh} knowing it will take me a bit longer to put mine together. ;-)

  3. Thank you so much for this post. Some of us must make do with vicarious satisfaction. I love the picture of the shrub dripping with rain. Also the woodpecker, requesting 'more food', the default request of busy birds. A great array of projects by the group, and some tasty ones you have just begun. Makes one have travel thoughts...