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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Results of the first Mixed Media Homework attempt

As previously blogged in "What I learned in school today", I had some Mixed Media Homework to create, applying the coiling methods I'd learned in class.

And...here's what I created.

S'ok, laugh if you need to.
I had a good time making it, although I'd tweak it some on a 2nd try.

I used most of the coiling/wrapping stitches we'd been taught - excepting the Invisible stitch.
And the "coil" was already built-into my "core". I used Memory Wire.

Because just wrapping it would probably not go well - or stay wrapped (too slippery), I first wrapped the memory wire with masking tape (I wonder if the green faux-flower tape-stuff would work better?).
Please pardon the hand close-up. {jeez} 
I then wrapping the tape-wrapped-wire with leftover bits of a lovely variegated fiber I'd inherited from a friend. Sometimes a couple times 'round as I applied the "Lazy", "Eight", and "Button" Stitches.

So - I wrapped up my homework with crafty bits I already had around the house. We'll see what the teacher thinks.
And, yes, I'm planning on wearing it to school.
Have a good day....and....

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