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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Today's Treadmill Antics

This morning Locat was kind enough to leave a comment on the "Exercise and the Type A Personality" blog post from Nov. 2011. {Hola, Locat - thanks for the comment!}

That comment, along with a Gryphon antic, inspired a minor update to that blog today. 
I am still walking on the treadmill whilst multi-tasking: reading, knitting, watching NetFlix on the clunky old PC monitor, and listening to podcasts. 

(Common Sense Safety Note - I haven't accidentally flung myself off the treadmill (yet) but my treadmill has a "kill switch" with a clip that I attach to my shirt to help keep me safe(ish). If I move back too far on the treadmill, step (fall) off, or lose my balance, the switch will cause the treadmill to stop automatically and I should avoid emulating the "Treadmill Toss" experience of Mythbuster's Adam Savage.
Granted, I'm not running on the treadmill and he was drunk-for-science and on the Treadmill to test vigorous exercise as a way to sober up, but you get my point. Let's multi-task safely!)

I have added to the treadmill multi-tasking repertoire: watching Video blogs. 

I don't have many in the watch-list just yet - mostly one. {grin}
As I've mentioned a few times before, I also use treadmill-time to watch the "Single Handed Knits" Video blog. Mel lives in Hawaii on Kauai and "takes" us with her to record at various places around the island so we can enjoy her company and the sounds and sights of her lovely island. I spent a few years of my childhood on Oahu so the Hawaii video-excursions with Mel carry a special meaning for me. {Thank you, Mel!}

Mel recently came to the mainland and appeared on The Knit Girllls Video Podcast (which was great fun) so it is my plan to add The Knit Girllls video-cast to my watch-list. 
The Knitmore Girls have also suggested a few video-podcasts but I need to go back to their show notes to track down their suggestions. 

So - do you-all have any video podcasts to suggest? 

So - Gryphon's Treadmill Antics this afternoon. {sigh}
As noted in the "Exercise and the Type A Personality, I usually store (hide) my knitting projects in bags to keep them safe (from Gryphon). 
I paused in my treadmill knitting setup today and foolishly left my in-progress{for years} "Einstein Coat" un-guarded. Yep, I returned to find Gryphon surveying his teeth-handiwork of separating the ball of yarn from the project. The ends were still wet with kitty-spit. {rolling my eyes sky-ward}

At least I was near the end of the ball and he left me a yarn tail long enough to splice to the new ball. 

The charming monster-cat came back later and started batting around a dangling yarn tail. 

I'm off to walk and see if I can make some headway on my wooly, speckled Einstein Coat. Oh - and I need to catch up on some of the Single Handed Knit 'casts too! 

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  1. Oh Gryphon is SO like Pollywog Of That Ilk, isn't he? And exactly the same yarnslaying tendencies too, unfortunately... I also have taken to hiding all projects in tough project bags and sometimes even under something else like a jacket or pile of ironing. But they find them, they find them...