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Saturday, January 19, 2013

What I learned in school today!

Ok, technically - it's what I learned in school earlier this week. {grin}

But it is fun and unusual and unexpected - and it tickles me to say "Look what I learned in school today!". And then I get to offer show-n-tell from my Mixed Media Fiber Arts class. {grin-er}
(And - No, it's not supposed to be anything...I was just practicing what I was learning).
I learned Coiling - or Wrapping techniques including the "Lazy Stitch", the {Figure}"Eight Stitch", the "Invisible Stitch", and the "Button Stitch".

I keep some of my hand-knit socks in it. 
And now I need to figure out what I will wrap with this newly learned skill to fulfill a homework requirement. A little mind boggling - I have homework. And...I have some pretty cool homework too!

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