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Monday, July 30, 2012

On a lighter note: Ravellenic Games are afoot!

 So...once again, it's time for the Summer Olympics - this time in London.

A few months ago, I noted the clever folks at Ravelry were, once again, planning the craft-along-with-the-Olympics I've enjoyed in years past. You cast on/start a new project during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and you had to finish your project before the end of the closing ceremonies. 

However, this time 'round we're referring to the games formally known as the "Ravelympics" as the "Ravellenic Games".

Many of you are already well aware of the brouhaha inspired by the letter the US Olympic Committee sent to the spiffy folks at Raverly. They indicated that our Olympic-knit-along adventures could not bear an "Olympic" name without infringing on the US Olympic Trademark.

My thoughts on all that: I understand and agree with the Yarn Harlot's perspective and I truly appreciate her being the voice of wisdom to tone down some of the more passionate voices in the Ravelympics discussions on Twitter and Ravelry.
However, yes, I felt the letter from the US Olympic Committee was customized to Raverly (i.e. not quite a "form" letter as claimed) and was, in my opinion, very poorly phrased and ill-considered.
The first apology offered by the US Olympic group was in the same vein. {tsk}
The 2nd apology and follow-up comments by Patrick Sandusky on Twitter were more sincere and much more acceptable.

It was an interesting few weeks and our story was reported in a variety of major news venues, but, yes, the games formerly known as "Ravelympics" are now known as the Ravellenic Games.
The use of that name actually has a pretty spiffy origin: The Panhellenic Games of Greece. The Panhellenice Games is "the collective term for four separate sports festivals held in ancient Greece".

So...the Ravellenic Games are afoot and here are the projects/events I've entered:
1.) Squishy Cowl  Status: DONE!
Events: Cowl Jump, Synchronized Stash Busting, and Single Skein Sprint.

Started the afternoon of 7/27 and finished around noon 7/28:

I received two skeins of hand-spun Alpaca from a friend with a request that I knit something for her cousin, the spinner of said yarn & owner of the Alpacas from whence the fiber came (Gentle Breeze Alpaca Farm).

The first skein became a scarf and this skein became a cowl. I think the "Squishy Cowl" pattern is PERFECT for this yarn. The knitted results of these skeins will be shipped back to New York after washing/blocking.
(Please keep in mind I am short pretty much throughout my upper body and
this cowl should look much more graceful on the average person.)

2.) Baby Surprise Jacket Status: In Progress.
Events: Baby Dressage, Synchronized Stash Busting, Sweater Triathlon.

This clever jacket is knit into a interesting, curved, shaped mass that, when seamed in the appropriate places, ~Surprise~ becomes a baby jacket.
This pattern is offered a little like a "recipe" by the inestimable Elizabeth Zimmerman ("EZ") in several of her books.
I was a bit challenged getting past the first two rows. The placement of the stitch markers was boggling me. I found exactly the help I needed on the Raverly Baby Surprise Jacket Wiki page and I'm making some more headway now. (The stitch markers are re-positioned with each pattern row.)
CooPurr was "supervising my knitting the other night.
3.)  Little Brother's Tardis Socks Status: Waiting in the Wings.
Events: WIPS Wrestling

I started these socks in December 2012. This pattern offers me the opportunity to try a little stranded color work and make spiffy socks for the Little Brother.
I chose the pattern and bought the yarn plotting the eventual surprise for the New Year. However, when I measured the Little Brother's Feet, he glibly said "Oh, you're making me Dr. Who Socks."

I've half a mind to knit him Star Trek socks just out of spite! ;-)

This sock got stalled with a knotty challenge in addition to the hospital time from earlier this year.
I was at the base of the cuff when I found a knot in the yarn?!? I just needed a few more yards/rows to get to the color work section so rather than cut out the knot and join yarn in the 1st inch & a half of the sock, I started the cuff over.
And then I chose this project for the Ravellenic Games and the rules had a requirement that WIP (Works in Progress) entered in the Games not be worked on after May 15th. (That limit seemed a bit extreme, but them's the rules.).

So...Later this week, on a quiet evening, I plan to knit past the cuff and into my first stranded knitting in a real project.
Wish me luck!

Bonus - the African Violets are blooming:
 (Click to em-bigg-n).

Did you notice the dual "Creeps" that live in this pot?
Pleasant Dreams, all. 


  1. I never repositioned the stitch markers when I did the jacket I don't think. Check my rav page for the 2nd one I did....

    1. I'll go take a look. The silly thing is still boggling me some. Thanks for the advice.

    2. Ok, have been there and back again.
      Your baby surprise jacket is quite spiffy. And probably no longer fits your handsome toddler. ;-)
      As per the Raverly Wiki page and the videos referenced there and in your project page, yep, the stitch marker moves up each pattern row...staying with the decrease point rather than at a particular stitch count-location.
      I had planned more Surprise Jacket study tonight because I was second-guessing myself on counts after the sleeve increases are added but....it all hinges on the decrease point and the marker that shifts up.

      Thank you for the direction to the video also - quite spiffy!

    3. I hadn't remembered moving the markers but am now vaguely remembering it. I was glad I linked to the videos...they are most helpful.

    4. I had to go look and yes I guess I did move the markers...my other comment got eaten as well. glad the video's helped!