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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Blog-iversary to me...Two Years

Another blog-year older
Wiser? Some. 
Better? I rather think so. 
Still Knit-geeky? Oh, yeah. 

So much has happened  it seems more like 2 years than just one year.
I didn't blog as much this year. I felt I needed to apply time to my local, but distant family after my sister-in-law passed away.
And...I fell off the work-a-holic wagon so there was a lot of time invested in the work-place. 

My niece and niece-in-law both got married. Another niece graduated from High School.
The DH and I are both blessed to still be gainfully employed.
Im still knitting (though not nearly enough to suit my knitting-yen). 

A year ago, I had just finished my 2nd pair of socks and had started on a 3rd pair. 
This week, I'm working on 4 pairs of socks (the results of severe start-itis) - which takes me up to my 9th pair. 

A few months ago, I had to let my BobCat go - his body wouldn't let him be comfortable anymore.  He still has my heart and I miss his purr. 

Recently, we adopted two orange tabby brothers that are definitely changing and enhancing our life.
The kitty-dynamics are improving - just in the past week, I've only been awakened once or twice with hissing/growling. {grin/yawn/whew!}

I am slightly less clueless about blogs and blogging. Maybe less naive? Less clueless seems a more apt description (but it might be a kind of double-negative. {wry grin})
I'm very behind on reading my favorite blogs and keeping up on Ravelry. Hmmmm. 
However, I have been reading more books. 

A year ago, I was on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website for conciliatory yarn shopping because I couldn't get classes at the 2009 Sock Summit (sold-out). 
A little less than a year ago, I was invited to attend classes at the 2009 Sock Summit under the Lottery option
What an amazing adventure. And I got to go to the Barbara Walker lecture!
So many un-posted pictures and stories. {sigh/sorry}
Oy - such long-winded stuff that did get posted. (I suspect it's kinda like inflicting hundreds of vacation pictures on your friends...)
Locally, I got to take some spiffy classes from visiting knitting dignitaries!
In the last 6 months, I listened to A LOT of podcasts and got seriously knit-inspired. (Hence the start-itis!!)
I am working on improving myself emotionally, but have been neglecting myself physically. {tsk/sigh}

Its kind of odd looking at the past year blog-wise. I almost feel like I should make some resolutions or something
There are a lot of things I wish I had taken the time to blog about. 
Now, there's a proper Blog-iversary resolution for year 3.   
  • Blog more. Post more pictures. 
  • Catch up on my favorite blogs. 
  • Explore more new blogs!
  • Knit a real sweater!
  • Laugh more (easy with my current crew of monster-cats)!
  • Love more. Love myself more too. 

E-hug and blessings to you and yours. 
May we all have a stellar blog-year!

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