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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sock progression and "He got to keep his tail!"

I mentioned in a previous post that I'd had a start-itis binge a few weeks ago and had cast on 4 pairs of socks (In the over-all sock tally, pairs #6 thru 9).
I've completed 2 single socks out of the 4 pair and completion of a 3rd single sock is on my horizon.
The friend for which I made Socks #5, gifted me with yarn credit at Grandma's Spinning Wheel (squee-Thank you!)!
I'd heard GSW had gotten more of the Flat Feet Sock yarn in, and I've been having great fun with seeing how the 1st one knits up so  I went shopping!
See - Pretty Pattern!! I'm quite tickled with the colors, although this picture doesn't do it justice!

Socks #10 are also going to a friend of mine in the Dublin Bay sock pattern. It's a HUGE sacrifice, but she's doing her part to help me deal with the scary-stash by letting me knit socks for her!
She fell in love with this bit o'my stash:
This was a unique gift from the creative folks at Lollipop Cabin. Earlier this year, they were reviewing the Ravelry Stash photos of their Organic Lillipop Cabin sock Yarn, picking a random "winner", and sending out gift yarn from their "experiment bucket". The pics of the yummy Organic Sock Yarn I'd got at the Sock Summit were selected and they gifted me with this lovely yarn they'd been experiment-dyeing upon.
My friend saw this yarn (Superwash Merino, Louet base yarn) and she HUGGED it - and me - and she jumped up and down whilst hugging me and the yarn. (I think she likes it.).
I must say - this is exactly her colors. Tomorrow, I measure her feet.

This little guy foolishly followed me into the house the other night:
(I have small hands - he's maybe two inches long - nose to tail-tip.)
(I need to put a wee sign at the very bottom of the door in very tiny letters: 
"Gecko Warning - Do not enter! Cats abound!) 
Luckily - CooPurr found him first.  I think CooPurr was simply confounded by the tiny critter and he hadn't gotten serious about "playing" with him yet.
I convinced the Gecko-critter to climb up on my hand so I could release him outside.

I'm a bit proud of my gentle rescue - he even got to keep his tail!
(It's the first line of Gecko defense - lose the tail to distract the attacker and escape while the tail is still wiggling in the attacker's mouth, paw, etc.)

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