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Monday, June 7, 2010

And then there were 4 - which, I think, takes me back up into Crazy Cat Lady Status.

A co-worker has been trying to find a home for her two cats for over 6 months. She's allergic, she and her husband moved to a smaller place, her husband (they're really his cats) joined the National Guard and is away for training, and they have a young child so there were financial and quality time concerns, as well as some sneezing.

I was intrigued by this pair of orange-tabby brothers last November, but BobCat's health was beginning to be an issue, he was over 19 and I didn't think it would be fair to inflict more younglings on him (Gryphon was more than enough of a challenge!).

Recently, I found that Nikoli and Mikale (plez pronunce vit Natasha aksent frum "Rocky & Bullvinkle") were still looking for a new home.
My husband suggested we adopt them.
My best friend suggested the same thing.

Yep, we brought them home Saturday.
Nikoli took everything in stride - purring and rubbing on me and the kitty carrier.
Mikale was not  happy on the drive home - breathing fast and panting.  I half-crawled into the kitty carrier to offer him some comfort - it helped some - I think.

The brothers are sequestered in the computer room pending getting getting caught up on their shots (tomorrow), making sure they don't have the big-ugly kitty diseases (highly unlikely - they've been indoor cats and have had some serious Vet-time...) and - to have ample opportunity to become familiar with the smells of CooPurr and Gryphon who have been camping outside the computer-room door.
CooPurr is not camping so much - he's curious, but he came from a cat rescue that had lots of cats around the house so two new cats smells are pretty bland to him.
Gryphon...he's the main "camper". Curiosity itself. Paws under the door - lots of hovering and sniffing.

Saturday afternoon/evening was pretty much under-the-spare-bed time for the brother-cats. Nikoli came out a very little bit. They ate and used the litter box overnight so that was a start. Sunday Nikoli came out more, started purring, kneading, and generally being a love.

Today - check out the lap-cat...

I found Mikale sleeping in the kitty-carrier one time, but he booked under the bed when he realized his hidy-hole behind the chair had been detected.
Another time, I found him up on the bed, in one of the 3 kitty beds up there. Again - he was down in a flash and back under the bed.

He was friendly and purr-y at his previous home so I'm hoping he'll be able to return to that level of comfort in a week or so.
Well, maybe a week or so after I add to the trauma by hauling him to the Vet tomorrow. {sigh - the guilt of it all}
It's a short ride, it'll get it out of the way for a year and he'll be able to be loosed on the rest of the house in a few days when he feels comfortable enough to come out from under the bed with one of us in the room.
Candid, under the bed shots:
See - Mikale is kind of a Strawberry Blond Tabby...
He's looking a little more comfortable.

Nikoli - is not hissing at the door any more so I'm hoping that will bode well for CooPurr/Gryphon  introductions - possibly later this week.  We're waiting on Mikale. (Though, I'm having a hard time convincing the DH to wait on kitty introductions. Jeez.)

Hence, I'm back up to 4 cats and Crazy Cat Lady status:

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  1. I have 4 cats, too, and yes. It's a lot of cats. *hug* Congrats on the addition to your family!