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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So...if I'm unemployed, where's the Daily Blog Posts?

I've been kind of wondering that myself.

In a way - it seems like a long weekend (if you don't count taking the Little Brother to the Eye Doc, my own Dr. appointments, catching up on neglected errands {neglected 'cause I'd been working on the far side of town}, studying the Arizona Unemployment Insurance Website...).

The things I'm most pleased with about my newly unemployed state: I've exercised every day save one and I'm not as reluctant to get up in the morning.

Hmmm - that's a bit telling.

The to-do list is long. Getting a job is on the list, but I'm more interested just now in hearing about the Educational Assistance Options from the State of Arizona. Yep, I'm looking into going back to college for a little while. I wouldn't mind some assistance 'bout now. We'll see what they say and what my options are.

So...gonna fix the lack of blogging (since I have some free time)? That is the plan.
I'm going to try to shift away from the current meandering long "weekend" perspective and apply some daily discipline to blog a bit more about what-all I've been up to these last few days.

Today, I caught up on some bookmarked Internet items I've been meaning to get back to, some gotta-dos and, yeah, some meandering:
  • An NPR Summary about "The Lasting Appeal of Orff's "Carmina Burana". (No, this hasn't been waiting for me since 2008 - I read of it on a favored blog a few months about and searched to see what music was being praised. Not surprisingly, some of it is quite familiar - as you've probably already found.)
  • Checking into reporting a Graffiti attack on our brick wall surrounding our back yard. {SIGH/Grrrrr} {Does tagging remind you of dogs marking territory?} (Cool - looks like there might be removal assistance too!)
  • I tweeted out some pictures of Nikoli {"Look!It's Fall!"} & Mikale {Effect of Sunshine} and checked in on Twitter. (OK, I did get distracted for a bit with The Bloggess' recent blogs and Pinterest Board. {Wicked-clever sense of humor on that woman, I swear.})
  • Checked into a Movie a friend had invited me to join her in viewing at the Loft Theater
  • I splurged a very little to purchase books/donate to some charities via The Humble eBook Bundle (which I saw Tweeted by Neil Gaiman (also on his blog)).
  • They seem big to me. Need to measure recipient's feet myself. 
  • I've been catching up on the video blog by MSkiKnits of SingleHandedKnits. (I'm still a bit behind. Rather like my "Sock The Vote" KAL sock knitting. {sigh} (I'll post pictures later - now it's later. Here's the current status of my STV socks: STV KAL.
  • Last night a friend took me to a Faculty Artist Series Recital at the UofA College of Fine Arts School of Music. Mark Votapek (cello) and John Milbauer (piano) performed at Holsclaw Hall. It was a lovely evening and I'll be looking into attending more of these {some} inexpensive treasures. (My first time at Holsclaw Hall - there's a picture to pull into this post...)   
Pre-concert view. (I'd like to go hear
the organ played sometime!)
Whups - Accidental photo of my concert knitting. 

  • As already noted, I checked into old-job exodus updates and new-job/schooling options.
  • The list goes on and ONLY gets more boring as I type. Stopping with the bullets now.

This afternoon's plot - HAIRCUT!! (Those of you who have experienced the bit-shaggy, unruly escapades of curly hair can relate to the joy of a pending haircut when you Really need it!).
Then - errands, graffiti picture-taking, baby-sweater seaming, and possibly a $1.50 movie outing!

{wry grin} I do appear to be a cheap date.

Have a good Tuesday folks!

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