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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Office Critters - from a couple of offices ago

You wouldn't expect to have an encounter with Birds of Prey at a regular office job, but I did.
Several times.
I posted the {not great} pictures of the Family of Hawks I found near the office in a previous "Critter" post.

More than just an Owl: 
One of the odd benefits of leaving work later in the day, ok - at night, was that I got to see the stars, it was a little cooler at that time of day (and so was my car...), and sometimes I got to see the night-time critters.

One evening, as I was walking out to the car, I realized there was a Very Large bird sitting on top of the camera positioned on the SW corner of the building. I realized it was an Owl. A Great Horned Owl.
I ogled it for a few moments and it obligingly spread it's wings and flew a short distance to the balcony overhang and perched there for a bit. About then, I realized there was a 2nd Great Horned Owl perched  on the Eastern-most corner of the building.
I had my little camera with me but in the very low light and at that distance, I only got vague shapes or completely black photos. {sigh}

A much closer view:
My second experience with a Great Horned Owl at work happened a little earlier in the day - late afternoon/early evening. I was walking out of the front of the building when something fast blurred over the grass and went up over my head.
I could see there were tufts of bunny fur on the grass.

Above my head, perched on the front edge of the interesting metal awning on the front of the building, was a Great Horned Owl. He was about 8 feet above my head and looking over at the grass.
He was stunning and Huge!!
{BTW - His talons were empty so the bunny had a narrow escape.}

Again, I had my little camera with me so I quietly reached into my bag to get the camera....
AND he turned and looked down at me. {Beautiful eyes!!}
I froze.
He lost interest and looked away so I tried again for the camera....And he glared at me again!
I froze again.
I tried again to reach for the camera when he looked away but he chose to fly off before I got the camera out and on.   {sigh}

Smaller but more colorful:
The last Bird of Prey I saw at the office was a bit smaller.

This picture has been loitering in my e-mail.
Because it was taken by a very talented Photographer (i.e. not me {grin}) I would still like to share it with you - even though it was taken a few years ago/ a couple of offices ago.
(More info on my friend's pictures and websites appear below.)

I had walked to a set of cubicles on the other side of the office to ask Client Support some questions but when I walked into their cube-area I was stopped short by the unusual bird sitting on the edge of their window. I asked who their friend was but they hadn't realized they had a visitor.
I sent someone to see if our photographically-talented co-worker had his camera with him - which he did and he took this beautiful picture of our American Kestrel visitor.
I admire my friend's abilities greatly. He takes amazing pictures out at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum and at the Arizona Renaissance Festival each year.
This is a link to RaVen's Website. More pictures are available on his Facebook page.

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