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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pesto! (Not "Road Apples", really.)

One of the things I have done with my extra time this week is a bit more cooking.
Not a lot...just a few things. With my previous work habits, cooking when I got home from work was pretty rare.

Last week I did a modified version of Crock Pot Alfredo Lasagna - with some substitutions and a mildly tragic addition of broccoli. For color - it looked quite nice. The mildly tragic part was the flavor. It was pretty decent...just "ennhh" on the broccoli bites.

I made chicken soup for the DH on Sunday to help him combat a cold that had been making him frog-voiced since Friday.
Minced Garlic + chicken broth + pasta + rotisserie chicken pieces I'd frozen + frozen veggies (Trader Joes with Garlic sauce) and...oh, dried onion. Came out rather well. The DH had seconds. {Woot!}

So...the "Road Apples" of the Blog Post name?
It pertains to another experiment I tried when a friend gifted me with a branch of basil from the expansive bush o'basil from her back yard.
Fresh Basil is a lovely thing....but what to do with a quantity? The friend suggested Pesto Sauce.

I pulled out a few cookbooks, considered the ingredients...
Basil? Garlic? Pine Nuts? Olive Oil? Parmesan Cheese? 
Yum! I gotta make me some of this! 

And I did - I plotted to combine 2 of the Pesto recipes. I plucked Basil leaves, rinsed them off, christened my purchased but never used Cuisinart, and combined the loverly, basic Pesto ingredients to make Pesto for the first time.

I put the resulting yummy green goo into ice cube trays and froze them for ready-use at a later date.

I was a bit pleased with myself and the following Monday at the office, I showed a couple of friends pictures of my new culinary achievement.

A friend of many years couldn't help but laugh...and point out that the frozen green lumps I was so tickled about looked very much like...Road Apples.
She was right...I couldn't help but laugh and now when I pull out the frozen balls o'pesto to add to eggs, pasta, soup....I think of "Road Apples".  Leetle teeny ones.

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