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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Diabetes Update & a Darkened World Wide event.

Diabetes Update: 

The Little Brother and I had a "field trip" earlier this week. I chauffeured him to his first Endocrinology appointment.
We borrowed a wheel chair from the Transitional Care Facility, loaded the Little Brother and wheelchair into the "big" truck (not the well-loved little Izuzu), and drove a few blocks north to meet the new doctor. She was quite nice but couldn't tell us much yet. She's ordered some blood work to give her more clues and I'll be supplementing the meager paperwork supplied by the facility with photocopies of the paper work from the other 2 hospitals involved as well as the original pre-hospital blood work results.
She indicated that he must be on insulin shots for the time being - until everything heals and is stabilized. Perhaps later he can try the oral insulin (had no idea there was such a thing until all this diabetic stuff hit us. So much to learn. ).

My first time pushing a wheelchair went pretty well - except for turns & doorways.  {wry grin}
I must confess to thumping the new diabetic's feet on door jambs - gently - I was going slowly, trying to be careful. He took my doorway attempts with grace and took a turn at wheeling himself about some, although his efforts weren't that much better than mine, for all that he had a better view. {grin}

Several kind folks in the lobby jumped up to help us with the door on the way out. T'was greatly appreciated.
The Little Brother loaded himself in and out of the truck & wheelchair quite well.
My loading the wheelchair into the truck the 2nd time for the trip back to the recovery facility left me with wheelchair tread marks down the thighs of my jeans. {grin-er}

The new facility lets the little brother sleep through the night for the most part. This is a lovely thing.
If you've ever experienced the "You don't get to rest in a hospital" frustration, you know to what I'm referring.

Unfortunately, the new facility doesn't seem to get the concept of a diabetic diet. Their version of a diabetic meal is to replace the sugar packet on the tray with Splenda. (No, I'm not kidding.) And the dietician took nearly a week to come visit - even after nurse requests on top of ours. {disgusted snort from the Big Sister}

I can understand the perspective that diabetics can eat what everyone else eats - if they adjust their insulin accordingly (and if you're pretty good at the adjusting). But when they offer the new diabetic a static meal insulin and serve him oatmeal, toast, OJ and milk for breakfast....the blood sugars continue to be less than optimal. However, in praise of the Little Brother, he is doing an excellent job of figuring out how to edit and supplement his meals with the facility "snack" foods or by requesting additional protein. This morning he had them take away a piece of coffee cake and it was replaced with eggs.

To their credit, the new facility is doing a much better job at physical and occupational therapy than the last hospital. They come daily!
And the Little Brother is doing his own PT with laps around the 1-story facility several times a day.

AND....they're planning to release him early next week!!
He and I (with the DH's consent) decided that the Little Brother will come stay with us for a bit when he is released from the Transitional Care Facility.

World Wide Event: 
Earth Hour is this Saturday night! March 31st at 8:30 PM.

We can turn off our lights for just an hour and show our support for our over-burdened Earth.

For some people, participation in this event indicates a belief in Global Warming.
And some people are offended by that idea and will set every light in their home blazing.

I submit that even if someone doesn't subscribe to the "Global Warming" concept, most folks can agree we have a lot of people on this earth - and we also have very limited resources.

Earth Hour is an opportunity to acknowledge that lack of balance. To indicate that some change and improvement could occur.
We can relax the resource consumption for an hour.

Watch a movie in the dark.
Eat a late supper by candlelight.
Read a book under the covers with a flashlight like when you were a kid. ;-)
Enjoy the darkened evening visiting with family, friends or neighbors.
Do a little Stargazing.

There are LOTS of options.
(Yes, those options too. No, I'm not gonna type it.)

We can consider Earth Hour a dark-time challenge and an opportunity for some minor adventure.
We could also consider Earth Hour an opportunity to show support for the only planet that we have.

Save the earth - it's the only planet with chocolate!

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