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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Diabetes Update - Staff Challenges and a Move

My earlier comments that the Little Brother would be released from the Hospital in two weeks was a bit optimistic (ignorant) of me. {sigh}

His diabetes has not stabilized much. His blood sugar tests have been all over the place. I'm not sure if it was the diet, changes to or the timing of insulin, staff additions to his diet that may not have been accommodated in the insulin dose, glucose fallout from his glucose-saturated body, the rampant healing of his body, or if this is "normal" for this type of diabetes manifestation.

Too many variables. 

We got to learn first hand about the various levels of care in different facilities, different wards, and the effects of staff shortages. {gah}

We also found there are kind people with generous hearts that shine through these difficulties and do their jobs (along with other people's) with grace. Love them lots.

And we learned just because it is someone's job to help patients and their families doesn't mean that is what will happen.
I am still racking my brain about what I must have said that inspired some of the bizarre comments made to me during a couple of phone conversations. My best guess is that the person was having a REALLLLLLLY bad couple of days or I have achieved a new Master Level of Annoying that can, in 3 minutes or less, turn a presumably seasoned professional into a perfect example of what-not-to-say in the patient care industry.
I am pretty sure I wasn't annoyed or rude...I was just asking questions. Granted, I pointed out something that had happened in the facility that was not, uh, optimal. I was truly trying to be gentle about it.
But I was so shocked at the responses, I didn't even get emotional. It was surreal and bizarre.
I'm still stunned and shaking my head over it. You can tell, huh?

Moving On. 
The Little Brother was just transferred to a new facility for transitional recovery care.
I have some lovely friends in the medical industry that offered their experienced opinions on the preferred facility that we should move to for this next step in his healing.
And we achieved that choice! (It sounds simple, but trust me, t'weren't.)

We'll see what happens next and what routines and timings can be established in the new facility.
I'm hoping to see some stabilization in his glucose levels.
We still have a lot to learn.

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