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Monday, March 12, 2012

Diabetes Update - Healing and Questions

The little brother is doing better. {Tired Happy Chair Dance}

He is healing at the pace dictated by care and nature.

Yep, that's the patient, wise, mature perspective.

But it's too slow....{sigh}.
I think we're both a'wish'n it was all better and we could move forward into the new healthy reality a little quicker.
Hmmmm. But even as I type that, it sounds wrong.
We still have a lot to learn and this is the path we have to take to learn it.  {sigh}

{Yes, I actually know how to be mature, but applying maturity to emotions and situations can be very challenging.}

K. So looking forward.
The Little Brother will likely be released from the Hospital in the next two weeks (that's my guess...haven't heard much from the Drs.).
  • We have plans to attend the Diabetes educational classes offered by the first hospital at which he stayed. 
  • There are a variety of doctor's appointments that will be scheduled when he's released. 
  • We're reading "Diabetes for Dummies" to cure some of our ignorance.
  • I'm peeking on the Internet for support groups that can assist us with additional education. 
  • Yep, there are a lot of questions...that the doctors and staff haven't yet addressed.
And I've cleared his apartment of all foods he decided would not support his diet going forward.  I took snapshots of the Nutritional info on the packages and we reviewed them together. He didn't even waiver...he banished all the stuff that would be bad for him.

I'm proud of him for that...I'm not sure I would do so well.
Ha - which I didn't.
Not wanting to waste the food, the DH and I have been working our way through his diabetic pantry rejects. (It is my plan to provide him with Gift Certificates from a variety of grocers so he can replace that food with healthier stuff.)
However, I must say, I'm REALLLLLLLY missing my usual diet.
(This sojourn through the Little Brother's pre-diabetic pantry has been educational for me as well.)

I'm for bed. Sleep is needed. Pleasant dreams, all!

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