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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tori Amos - Spiffyness

I just got introduced to Tori Amos via a link in one of the Blogs of Note. This is lovely and Haunting - and an interesting Video. "Winter"
(1/25/09 - edited - the original YouTube link went wonky - removed. I've tracked down another, but not sure if there's an issue…)

However, found this one on YouTube - The music is interesting but possibly over shadowed by the Video - which I found to be Extremely Clever! A Sorta FairyTale.

I like her voice. She has an interesting artistic perspective. The music/lyrics are rather like poetry.

By the way - Prairie Spinner made my jaw drop when I checked her blog. She created this chain - I think it's called Viking knit or "naalbinding"...and by pulling it through a draw plate (which she made herself!) several times...she lengthened and... well, she made magic. Go look. Woof. Entirely spiffy!

Life-wise...working too much.
Knitting some...have started a Knit Dr. Bag. More felting!! Woo-hoo!
No pictures at this time - I just have the bottom done.

Am feeling urges to get a grip on the should-of's in my life...am also feeling urges to sleep more.

DH and I are getting more serious about getting more kitties for our pride. We think BobCat is a little lonely...and I think we miss the variety of monster cats. We're pretty decent kitty-parents.
It's odd though - usually Cats find us. Going to look for one or two is odd.
Here's the BobCat himself...snoozing away. Unaware that we're considering shaking up his 6-month stint of being an Only-cat.

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  1. Has it been six months!? Anyway, BobCat looks SO sweet, snoozing away. I'm excited to see what happens next...