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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday night meanderings

Checked on the Blogs of Note again today...Get a cuppa tea, coffee, whatever, sit back and relax and tour this gent's lovely, lovely pictures. I can't do them descriptive justice, but you should go look at Chase Images.

The new kitty, CooPurr, is settling in. He's still a little skittish at the new things to which he's exposed (like me walking down the hallway with an armful of knitting...).
(CooPurr reaction "OMG - RUN". BobCat reaction "zzzzzzzzzz")

But he's generally a very happy cat and a champion snuggler.

I've offered to make a Felted Moebius Basket as a silent auction item or maybe a raffle gift to support the Academy for Cancer Wellness and their Fund for Underinsured Cancer Patients.

I figured out a looong time ago that...
  • Not everyone should climb the management ladder
    (Yes, me. I do not suffer fools gladly and I tend to be Extremely Truthful (and gullible). NOT good management material.)
  • Not everyone will leave a significant mark on history
    (I don't think my 15 minutes of TV fame on "Checkers and Pogo" counts)
  • Not everyone should have children
  • Not everyone will be famous (and most people shouldn't be)
  • The world is generally not "fair"
  • And not everyone is reincarnated from the Kings and Queens of old ("Too many Chiefs, not enough Indians"...or maybe it means only the Kings and Queens needed to learn more lessons/needed to be reincarnated? But I digress...)
However, I can...
  • Be an amazing, dedicated, and organized support employee (with a less-than-healthy work-ethic) . Identifying issues and on occasion explaining why something doesn't work when no one else can. Sometimes even coming up with an astoundingly good fix (on my good days).
  • Do my best to make my world "fair" in all things I have control over.
  • Keep Learning! Try not to be hurtfully ignorant.
    (Ignorance can be cured, stupidity - not so much.)
  • Do small, consistent things to make the world a better place - like... recycling, giving back the mistaken extra change, donate blood to the Red Cross and funds to charities as often as possible, offer Kleenex if needed, as well as truthful compliments and kindness to strangers and friends, help lost dogs get home safely, and treat others as I would want to be treated.
And... I can knit a Felted Moebius Basket that might charm someone into donating a little more to a worthwhile charity.

Oh - and I can adopt an abandoned cat and give him a loving home.


  1. How wonderful that your two cat-guys took to each other so easily! It's nice to see a picture of a Russian Blue. We had one when I was little, but I don't think I've seen one since.
    And thank you for the kind comments on my Viking knitting!

  2. I belly laughed so loud it echoed off the padded walls of my cell when I read the different reactions of CooPurr and BobCat to the sight of you padding down the hall with an armload of knitting. I myself am the recipient of a moebius handled basket, and this post has evoked a feeling of generosity in me. As the basket itself does, each time I look at it. As far as that management material thing, I could without hesitation nominate you for Empress of the Known World. If I could be the Jester.