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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blogs to Explore - Random Choices - take 2

Continuing my efforts to reduce my "Blogs to Explore" stash by actually exploring some blogs I bookmarked to review later...

Art Car Central - Woof. Amazing how folks will trick out cars, bicycles, port-o-potties....I'm not kidding. Go look. You can tell how this gent ended up as a blog of Note for Google.
I'm not a "gear-head" but even I can appreciate car-stuff from this perspective.

This is another blog that became a Blog of Note - and I'm smitten already with Life's Free Treats.
The first entry I saw from Thurs., Jan 8th is a nicely written lament about the loss of the written word in the form of letters. She's right. (Hey - I've found another "Meggie"! My first was "Meggiemoo" over at Once More with Knitting.)
I'm old enough to have some correspondence stashed away. Letters from my parents when I was at Girl Scout Camp and letters and cards from grandparents. Her comments about feeling sorry for teenagers that are limited by their Texting is poignant and rings true for me. I also have to relate to her comment regarding the pros of the typewritten word/e-mail being much more legible than my hand-written missives.

Ah - and she's a quilter. There be crafting afoot!

We interrupt this blog exploration for my trip to Australia and back to Tucson via Prescott.
Life's Free Treats made a few "it's been warm lately" comments in her blog. So I went to go look at her "About Me" stuff - she's in Australia.
Whilst there, I noted a blog she follows called "Walking Prescott". I paused - our Prescott? Here in Arizona? Shore 'nuff.
Whilst perusing "Walking Prescott" the blogger commented on the lovely pictures "Warren" had taken at the Tucson Botanical Gardens!
(Typical Tucson 2-degrees of separation!)
Well, of course I went to go look at "Touch the Wind" - and, yes, the pictures are lovely. More so the hummingbird pictures from 1/5/09. And, yes, Warren seems to live and blog in TUCSON!!!
(But I gotta wonder if the amazing Hummingbird pictures were from the camera he inadvertently dunked in a fountain. You should read how he dried out the camera! Intrepid!)
And he gets around, too! I hadn't realized they'd finally gotten around to moving the Tiki head from the old miniature golf course - and he has pictures of the Tiki-packing!
He's also got some great pictures of Winterhaven (many of my favorites decorated houses from this year!) and a grand photo-perspective of our new-ish"Photo Enforcement". He made me laugh out loud.
Well done. Me thinks I'll have to check on Mr. Warren's blog for a bit. Spiffy.

We now return to our unscheduled blog exploration (and I'll try not to get distracted again).

Cool - the musical inserts are a daily thing. Eclectic. It works.
I like the way she writes. The way she describes details so you can almost see the memory she's offering. She sounds a little sad sometimes. Perhaps that goes with the holidays. Reminiscing. Missing folks or longing for the easy joy and lighter perspective of childhood.
I also like the glimpse of Australia and New Zealand where she grew up (I think - I've only read a little over a month's worth of blogs.)
She's made some lovely quilts. Grand Colors.
I think I'd like to read, see, and hear more from Meegie in Australia.


  1. wow, thanks for all the links and kind words! Yes, the hummningbird pics were taken with the post dunk camera. Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe I should have dunked it in sugar water to get close up hummingbird pictures...? I'm enjoying reading your blog, great to find another Tucson one.

  2. Allow me to tender a delicate suggestion for a recommended blog: http://kittywigs.com/
    I dare you.

  3. Another blog to check out:


    Today's home page, for example, features the Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO) of Stanford's Computer Science dept. playing "Stairway to Heaven" on their iPhones. But the killer feature of the day is called "Mac vs. PC", a droll and extremely well produced 3-minute science fiction thriller.

  4. I could also recommend Subversive Cross Stitch, but I won't, on account of its rather immoderate use of language. On cross stitch patterns. In the classical style. Don't go there.