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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oscar's Wear'n O'the Green...and Red, White, and Blue...

When I introduced Oscar in December, I had indicated I'd present his outfits for each Holiday. However, I'm running behind on Oscar posts, so here's "CATch up" on Oscar's Holiday duds:

Valentine's Day:
(Next year's Valentine's outfit should be less cheesy-looking. I picked up another heart-tie option in the post Cupid-day sales...)
President's Day:
(Independence day outfit does partial double-duty. Ideas for mo'betta President's day gear, anyone?)

St. Patrick's Day:
I don't mind if Oscar or others wear green. Me? Don't need to.
As previously explained, I'm of Irish decent so I don't have to wear Green to be Irish on St. Paddy's.
(This outfit shows off Oscar's green eyes, don'tcha think?)

Hope you had a grand and lovely St. Paddy's!


  1. For President's Day - how about a white wig, a la G.Washington et al? Easily made with some white yarn, I think....

  2. Not bad...should I mix it with a beard to represent Mr. Lincoln? ;-)