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Sunday, March 27, 2011

What the Heck?!?!? But kinda cool...

The blog I'd intended to post tonight has been preempted due to the radical jump in the number of blog visitors today. 
Y'all blew my mind. 
I checked...it's not a "Blog of Note" rush...but you did make me wonder. I can only see that Ravelry is  the source of the visitations and folks appear to be curious about the Tucson Handweaver's and Spinner's Guild Fashion Show blog...but I have no idea exactly why. **

I am constantly delighted and agog that people from around 
the world can (and sometimes do) visit my blog. 

I know that I am tickled and curious and a bit amazed that I am able to visit blogs written by folks in other countries.

I wonder if I leave a comment if I'll be using unknown lingo or that something I type may mean something entirely different (and rude) in that country. 
Sometimes I'm soothed by the similarities of humor, concern, values, delight in a child, nature, or art-craft. Sometimes these "foreign" bloggers make me pause and reconsider something in my country because of how they see it from their perspective. Sometimes I learn about their culture, language, crafting, loves, politics, fears, or heartache. Sometimes I do feel like a reading voyeur - as though I'm reading someone's diary. But I have been moved to leave messages of heartfelt sympathy, having been overwhelmed by someone's challenges or pain. I have offered praise and encouragement to people I literally don't know.
But they have moved me - to tears, to laughter, to connect - to type. 

So...let me just offer a "Greetings! How you be?" to the variety of visitors from Canada, the United Kingdom, and 28 of the United States of America that stopped by my blog over the weekend.
I hope your curiosity was sated...or peaked. {wry grin}
Blessings Be.  Sincerely, KiniaCat

**(Edited to add - "Eureka!! I figured out the pictures of the lovely KLC Woods Yarn Bowl I purchased at the THSG Fashion Show were linked into a Ravelry discussion on Yarn Bowls!)
(Bonus - I was listening to podcasts over the weekend between wading through Tax-Receipts (ugh) and Jasmine of the Knitmore Girls Podcast mentioned she was also very tickled with the KLC Woods craftsmanship she'd seen at Stitches West a few weeks ago. Ken of KLC had mentioned he'd just come from Stitches West. I don't spin, but his drop spindles were pretty spiffy...
Tucson - there's only 2 degrees of separation here. But that's fodder for another blog.)

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