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Saturday, February 19, 2011

No, you're in the right place...

The Blog looks different, huh?  What do you think?
I was cleaning up some odd font colorings and adding some charity links and I had a bit of a, well a redecorating fit.

I seriously delved into Blogger's new design options...fell in love with the blue fibre-felted background picture you now see on the blog...and then rebuilt the blog around it.
Blogger's design functionality helped a lot. (Although it didn't have a "apply default" button on some of the  gadgets. Too bad - I had to shift the colors manually - and it's not the same color palate, durn it!)

So - can you guess what my favorite colour is?
I love the sparkly-lights picture I originally found for my Ravatar and I picked the original blog design to compliment those colors.

But they're not the colors that give me a happy-feet thrill. Blues and teal and purples - {happy sigh}. Then forest greens and reds and browns...well, I like most all colors. (Save for baby pink and sickly greens/yellows. {shudder}).

As you can see, I'm keeping the sparkly-lights picture for my Avatars.
But I'm pretty tickled with my new blog format and shading.

So...please bear with me as I tweak the blog in it's new format and my apologies for any older blog-posts that wigged out during the transition to my "blue phase".

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  1. Blogspot gets a gold star for coming up with a background that I'm going to call 'KiniaCat Blue'. Seriously. It's you, to a T. And I like it because it has a hand-dyed look, textilicious.