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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shiny Glass Treasure!

The DH's latest hobby is scoping out antique stores. No, he hasn't been buying up "another man's treasure" to bring home...mostly he just looks.
I accompanied him on one sojourn the other week and I found treasure!

Glass Buttons.
I actually did not realize there was such a thing.
It made perfect sense when I thought about what would have pre-dated plastic, been used as an option for bone, and possibly outlasted wood or leather...well, if handled in a respectable manner (Washboard, Washing Machine, oops/fumble).
(3/16/2011 - edited to add...I experienced the oops/fumble test of these buttons (along with a mild heart attack) when I dropped the bag o'glass buttons yesterday. It made a solid glassy thunk on the tile floor {gasp} but they are all still intact. Lord knows why, but blessings be. {whew}.)

But I found several glass buttons and a grouping of metal buttons (plus a pewter clasp) that entranced me and they were gleefully purchased to come home with me. (Oddly enough, most of them seem to be  priced on par with "modern" buttons.)
I'm not yet sure as to what knitting project (hmmm, jewelry?) they'll adorn, but I will ponder that carefully.
They are glass after all. The largest is 1 1/4". Most are 1 1/8" (2.8576 cm)
They are heavier and cool to the touch and they are...
* "Shiny" - please have a look!
These two match and are actually not opaque!
Every time I look at this one, it seems to come from a different era/part of the world. 
I marvel at the detail & how it would have been created. (FYI - Metal shank on the back)
This one is easily my favorite and has a glass shank.
I love the detail on these smaller (1/2"?) buttons. 
Based on what I'm seeing on the Internet, pewter clasps from Norway appear to be a somewhat common thing, even now.
But I did like the style of this, whether it be an antique or no.
"Norway" is imprinted on the back of this pewter clasp. 
Having excitedly shown my new treasures to the DH, he gifted me with these; found on his visit to another Antique Mall a week later.
They're quite small (ranging 3/8"- 1/2" (1.27 cm?)) and all different, but basically similar.
The label on the card says "Victorian Black Glass". They have brass shanks.
(My favorite is probably the crescent moon with the sprig of leaves.)
(Same Card, just flipped for another view.)
Now...what to knit??
If I found a couple more of the larger ones, they could enhance the Einstein Coat. Hmmmm....

* "Shiny" references are further explained in this blog


  1. These buttons are frekken AWESOME. My grandmother had an extensive button collection and I'm a fan. She had many that were in her family for generations, including scrimshaw, carved wood, glass, etched bone, etched shell, the whole nine yards. My mom and aunt auctioned off the whole collection when my grandmother died, which was kind of sad but I figured they went to somebody who would love and care for them the way she did, and the way you are doing now to these lovely specimens. How lovely of you to do so.

  2. Cindy/blackmoondogMarch 9, 2011 at 10:21 AM

    That pewter clasp is fantastic. Not that the buttons aren't but... wow.